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Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

  • Hot Knife Snowboard - 150, 153, 156, 156MW, 159, 159W, 162

Hot Knife





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Camber 3 Technology is camber formulated specifically for snowboarding creating maximum power, and optimized engagement along the entire edge. The Hot Knife will give you the best edge hold you have ever had on ice and hardpack and maximum stability and pop when it counts. The mild positive curve between your feet improves carving and fl oat in pow. The Hot Knife is perfect if you loved snowboarding the 90s and are still pushing the limits every day or at least talking about it.


Art by Nick Russian

La technologie Camber 3 est un cambre spécifiquement conçu pour un snowboard puissant et un engagement optimisé tout le long de la carre. La Hot Knife vous offre la meilleure accroche que vous n’ayez jamais eu sur glace et neige dure avec un maximum de stabilité et de pop quand vous en avez besoin. La cambrure légèrement positive entre vos pieds améliore le carving et la flottaison en poudreuse. La Hot Knife est parfaite si vous adorez le snowboard des années 90 et que vous continuez à repousser les limites tous les jours.


Artiste Nick Russian

Camber 3-Technologie ist eine speziell fürs Snowboarden entwickelte Vorspannung, die maximale Kraftübertragung und besten Halt auf der gesamten Kantenlänge garantiert. Das Hot Knife verspricht auch auf Eis den besten Kantenhalt, den du je hattest, optimale Stabilität und jede Menge Pop – vor allem wenn’s drauf ankommt. Die leichte, positive Vorspannung zwischen den Füßen verbessert dein Carven und den Auftrieb im Pow. Damit ist das Hot Knife perfekt, wenn du Snowboarden schon in den 90er Jahren geliebt hast und auch heute noch jeden Tag an deine Grenzen gehst – oder zumindest davon träumst.


Grafik von Nick Russian

La tecnología Camber 3 es la mejor fórmula camber diseñada específicamente para el snowboard para proporcionar potencia y fiabilidad alrededor de los cantos. La Hot Knife te aporta el mejor agarre de cantos sobre el hielo o la nieve dura, además de máxima estabilidad y pop cuando lo necesitas. La Hot Knife es perfecta si ya te gustaba hacer snow en los 90 y aún sigues dándole o aún sigues hablando de ello.


Gráficos de Nick Russian

  • 2018 Snowboard Canada – Grade Eh
    2018 Snowboard Canada – Grade Eh
  • 2014 Snowboard Magazine – Platinum Pick
    2014 Snowboard Magazine – Platinum Pick
Hot Knife Info Graphic

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
150 111 7.9 28.8 24.9 28.8 19.25"-25" / 0" 6 70 +
153 114 8.1 29.1 25.1 29.1 20.25"-25" / 0" 6.5 90 +
156 117 8.2 29.5 25.3 29.5 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 100 +
156W 117 8.2 30.7 26.5 30.7 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 100 +
159 120 8.3 29.8 25.5 29.8 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 110 +
159W 120 8.3 30.9 26.6 30.9 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 110 +
162 123 8.4 30.3 25.7 30.3 20.25"-25" / 0" 7.5 120 +
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Hot Knife Construction
  • Suwak

    Hi ! im 75 kg 183cm 9,5us boot can u help me choose size ? Big THX!

  • 159 will be great everywhere and very versatile.
    The 156 will be best if you want to ride a lot of park.
    If you love riding in deep snow, you could ride the 162.

  • merlyn

    Hey Team Lib Tech…

    so the time has finally come that i would like to purchase a lib tech board.

    basically have always wanted/dreamed of getting a T. Rice pro board… but after extensive research, I’m not sure if its the right lib tech for me. i don’t really have the opportunity to test out boards in Australia, so will need to bite the bullet and pick one most appropriate to my riding style.

    i am an intermediate-advanced rider, 5’10, 160pounds, 172cm tall

    i ride mainly groomed runs and choppy conditions locally (70%), with the occasional decent powder day.

    i don’t ride park at all… my main drive is to tear up the mountain, through trees, back country when i can, and i will be hitting up Japan and the US next year (30%) in the chase for decent powder.

    so basically i want an all mountain board that can carve it up, turn quickly, is decent in powder for when i travel… and has a bit of pop for the odd natural jumps and cliff drops that you can come across…

    so… was initially looking at the travis rice pro’s, then the TRS HP, and now leaning towards the hot knife.

    i have an open mind… so I’m sure you guys can recommend the right board for me.

    any advice would be much appreciated!!

    im in the US in LA at the moment for a couple more weeks… and very keen to get a board while I’m here…

    in fact i take that back… i WILL be getting a board while I’m here 🙂

    if you can shed some light and steer me in the right direction… that would be awesome…



  • Hi Merlyn!
    Thanks so much for inquiring and providing details, it makes it much easier to suggest a board.
    Since you’re riding a decent amount of powder, I think you might be more stoked on something with C2–the C3 of the Hot Knife is solid and super aggressive, but having some Banana between your feet will really help with floating in deep snow.

    I have three suggestions for you, that I think you will love the most:

    1. TRS – This has our XC2 base contour, so you get the benefit of Banana between your feet, but the lengthened camber make it feel like a blend of the Hot Knife and T-Rice. It also has basalt fibers in it, which will add some snap/pop and liveliness. It’s nimble, aggressive, playful, powerful and perfect everywhere. A true twin.

    2. Lando Phoenix – This has the same C2 base contour as the T-Rice, but it’s setback a little for optimum performance in deep snow and natural terrain, and it also has risers under the inserts with cross sections of wood for added strength, stiffness and power.

    3. T-Rice – Travis Rice rides this board…need I say more!? It’s a beast and it will carry you through any situation with power and confidence. It’s a true-twin board, with a stiff flex pattern from bi-axial and tri-axial fiberglasses and a sintered base, which requires more maintenance than the TNT bases of the TRS and Lando, but tends to be more durable and when properly waxed it will be a little faster.

    Let us know if you have additional questions!
    Also, if you’re madly in love with the Hot Knife..go for it. You know your riding style better than I do, and if your instinct is telling you that this is the board for you, it probably is.

  • merlyn

    thanks so much for the response!
    ok, maybe i should revise my words to be 100% honest.
    80% of the time my local snow is groomed runs getting pretty choppy as the day wears on…
    we only are lucky enough to get the odd big dump overnight ‘down under’… and in saying that it may only be a foot or two.
    i do plan to head over to japan and the US… but realistically is won’t be as often as id like…
    and i don’t do any park work.

    so really i am aiming to find a board that will carve up my local snow… but still handle my travel trips in search of powder.
    yes, ideally you have a dedicated pow board… but i just can afford to run two boards, so like most i am hoping to find a happy medium.

    i love carving up the mountain… love speed… thats my drive… thats what i want my board to do… help me grow.

    love the info on the boards you provided.
    were they in order or you recommend all three evenly?
    if i go the TRS should i get the HP?

    any particular reason you are not mentioning the hot knife?
    i was leaning towards this board as all the reviews i have read on it lean towards my style…
    but then again, this is all internet forum and snowboard mag opinions… can you take that for gospel? very hard to say…
    but in all honesty i would trust you guys advice over such sources.
    considering i already am guaranteed to get one of your boards, its more about the right one, and not a sales pitch…

    thanks so much for all the info… guessing upon your response i will know the right board for me 🙂


  • The TRS is my number one recommendation, because you get the benefits of having a little bit of Banana, but also the extra control, stability and precision of having some extended camber–it’s kind of a blend of the Hot Knife and the T-Rice. I think it will offer more versatility be a little more user-friendly than the Hot Knife, but you won’t sacrifice any performance!

    The extra camber will be solid at high speeds and be fast and nimble for carving, but the little bit of Banana will still offer float and forgiveness. TRS stands for Total Ripper Series, and it’s appropriately named; this board can handle absolutely everything.

    Pretty much any snowboard is going to perform well on groomers, but you’re looking for something to ride aggressively at high speeds, yet still float through the deep pow of Japan and quickly initiate turns, I think the TRS is going to blow your mind.

    The HP construction has all basalt fiber and no fiberglass, because of that it is going to be a little lighter. have a more consistent flex pattern and absorb vibrations better. But the standard TRS has some basalt fibers and because of that you will still get a damper feeling snowboard that absorbs vibration and a really snappy, lively flex pattern.

  • merlyn

    ok great!!
    so either the TRS or the TRS HP will be fine?
    last question would be size… what do you suggest?
    looking forward to purchasing and tearing it up 🙂
    thanks so much for all the info…

  • merlyn

    should also mention i am a size 9 boot 🙂

  • merlyn

    final call on size???
    thanks 🙂

  • Sorry about that–we respond to comments Monday-Thursday.
    154 or 157 will be best!

  • Ken Q

    Hey Lib Tech Guru’s

    Been itching to get a new board for this season….Definitely want to get a LibTech board, but now the challenge of which one. Was combing through the threads and saw the thread here with merlyn. It’s almost like I wrote it myself cause we have about the same heigh, weight and riding style.

    I’m 5’10, 165lbs, 9.5 boot. I live on the east coast so most of my local riding is man-made groomed snow (PA, NY, NJ). I do make my way out to Colorado and Park City, for some pow, as much as I can, but not as often as I would like.

    Like merlyn, I am an intermediate-advanced rider and looking to take it to the next level. I’m a pure downhill mountain/backcountry rider. No park riding. I like going fast and carving it up.

    Saw your recommendation for the TRS which looks awesome, but I’ve also been looking pretty hard at the Attack Banana for a while…..What is the major difference?

    I currently ride a 159 and was thinking about going down to a 154 to get a little more handling and maneuverability. Thoughts?


  • Hi Ken,
    I think you could have tons of fun on something smaller, in the 154-156 range!
    The Attack Banana has a looser/easier/more playful feel than the TRS due to its EC2 base contour–it has Banana between the binding inserts with a mellow elliptical camber underfoot.
    The TRS is is on the more aggressive end of the spectrum and has a short section of Banana between the binding inserts with a more aggressive camber reach out to the contact points.

    The TRS will have more pressure underfoot, for a more snappy/powerful ride.
    The Attack Banana has less pressure underfoot, which will result in a more forgiving ride.

    Both boards will perform beautifully at high speeds and feature a mid-stiff flex pattern. But due to the differences in base contours they will feel different from one another.

    We’re huge advocates for checking the boards out in a shop, where you can stand on them and get a feel for the different technologies! But if that isn’t an option, you will honestly love either one. If a more forgiving board is what you’re after, go for the Attack Banana. But if you’re on the prowl for power, the TRS is it.

  • Bill F.

    Looking for a board recommendation. I’m 5′-9″, 195 lbs, 50 years old and ride mountain only no parks. Looking for a comfortable board to get down the slopes that will hold an edge well. Probably something with a little camber. What do you recommend?

  • Hi Bill,
    I think you’ll LOVE anything with some variation of our C2 base contour.
    This means camber underfoot, with Banana (reverse camber) between the binding inserts.
    Here are my top 3 suggestions:
    1. Attack Banana 156: Perfect and easy to ride absolutely anywhere. The mellow, elliptical camber underfoot (EC2) is more subtle than our original camber formula. This board is a versatile as they come and a really awesome blend of forgiving and powerful.
    2. TRS 157: This board has XC2, which means XTRA camber underfoot. It will feel really snappy, nimble and aggressive and it will like to be on edge more than the Attack Banna. Yet the Banana (reverse camber between your feet) will still give the board some playfulness making it a very fun and powerful board for all of your all-mountain needs.
    3. T-Rice 157: This has our standard C2, with a normal level of camber underfoot. It’s got a fairly stiff flex so you can approach any terrain with confidence, but it will also float through powder with ease and turn effortlessly.

    All of these boards have Magne-Traction, which are our patented wavy edges–so you will be able to lock into your turns and get awesome edgehold in any conditions.

  • Shr-Eddie

    More of just a shout-out to you guys at Lib Tech (and one small question). I’ve had the Hot Knife for a year and have been considering getting a new board/set-up for the upcoming season but I just can’t seem to find anything that I really think would suit me better. If that isn’t a testament to the versatility and just all-around awesomeness of this board, I don’t know what is.
    I realize most people really enjoy boards w/ more rocker but I initially learned on a camber board and I really love the aggressive ride you get from them. All that being said the Knife was a perfect option plus it has just the slightest bit of rocker beneath the bindings for a little more versatility/playfulness. Huge fan of deep-pow backcountry, tree runs and just all-out mobbing down the slopes (lots of my friends ski) so the precision and control I get from it is key. Hit the park every now and then, even though it’s not something I’m super passionate about, but the pop this board has is very noticeable and still feels very much at home there. I live/work at a resort in CO so I get in a lot more days in than the average person and this board is still holding up like a champ even though I have come into contact w/ more than a few trees/rocks. All in all, kick-ass job you guys, and whenever I do end up needing a new board, bet your ass it’ll be a Lib!

    So my question was: I’m thinking of setting the bindings back just the slightest bit to see if I can get just a little more float out of my board, but will that take away from the performance (because of the different foot placement/pressure)? I realize it might affect switch riding but I’m not so worried about that as I am the response/pop/control. Any info/suggestions you have would be great.

  • Thanks so much for all the kind words Eddie! We appreciate the support and we couldn’t build the World’s Best Boards without awesome humans like yourself to ride the,.
    You can definitely set the bindings back without sacrificing performance–and as long as you’re not setting them back several inserts you’ll still be able to ride switch without it feeling weird.

  • Clay Hearrean

    Hey guys,

    Quick question. I’m only worried about the width on this board. I’m a size 11 boot and I know the cut off is size 11.5 for yalls midwife recommendation, past that you say to go to wide boards. I have Salomon Dialogue boots and I’m not sure if they are considered to be a larger/smaller/medium footprint but I would hate to experience the dreaded heel or toe drag on a board this bad@$$. Should I be good with the 159 MW? If I should go to a “Wide” board that means I must choose from the skunk apes right? I just want a little more assurance I won’t be wasting my money here. Also, could the bindings I choose factor into the amount of overhang? Thanks a lot for any help you can provide

  • Daniel Haag

    I also have size 11 feet and I thought I messed up buying my TRS 157 standard width when I went to my local store to buy a union force binding. The force is a very beefy binding so I ended up getting the Burton Cartel binding and I have no problems. The bindings can definitely affect amount of overhang

  • Clay Hearrean

    So what you’re saying is even the standard width LibTechs will fit size 11 boots (with more conservative bindings), so a midwide board should definitely accommodate size 11 (as long as my bindings aren’t too big)? I should be set with a midwide and not have to worry about getting a skunk ape or other Wide board?

  • laird

    Can you make a Hot Kink HP with a 175 mm waist width? It would be sweeeet.

  • Justin B.

    ***** The HOT KNIFE cured my ED. Until I tried Lib Tech Hot Knife, I was having problems performing. This put stress in my relationship and I almost got divorced. But I manned up, bought the board, picked a blue bird day, strapped in and then BAM! No more problems ‘down there’ anymore! I have stronger, longer lasting performance now and I look good doing it! Thanks Lib Tech!

    In all seriousness, I LOVE this board! I damaged my favorite board almost a decade ago and have never been happy with all the boards I have tried since (including the overpriced Palmer Honeycomb). I was apprehensive at first, but man I am so glad I bought this board! The .5 Magna Kills it, the board is flexy enough to be fun in the park, it is stable at speeds, has enough pop to get descent air and floats easily in the Pow. The C3 BTX is the best thing about it, I absolutely love this board!

  • Nikita

    Hello , I have a little problem . I want to buy HOT KNIFE 159mw , but you do not have such a size . What can I do ?

  • Michael Prentice

    Hey guys, looking for a new board and like what I see in the Hot/Dark Knife series. I’m 6’2, 190 and have been riding the TRS 167 for about 5 or 6 years. What I’ve always loved most about that board is the fact that it’s never felt like a 167. It rides super fast, (obviously) but has always felt more like a 162 under my feet. With that being said, I’d like to get something a little smaller that still charges STRONG! I’m looking for more pop and flex than I’ve got in my current TRS so thinking about either the Hot Knife 162 or Dark Knife 161. Is the main difference here that the DK is lighter/snappier with the basalt core?

    Thanks very much,


  • Michael Prentice

    Scratch that, it’s been longer than I thought. My TRS 167 is from 2008. Damn I’ve been overdue!! Put a deposit down at my local shop on the Hot Knife 162 today but after comparing my existing TRS, I’m slightly concerned about the width. Currently using a pair of 2013/14 Union Atlas (Size XL) with size 11 boots. My 2008 TRS has a width of 26.3cm, compared to the Hot Knife at 25.7cm. Thoughts?

  • sammax

    What is the difference between the MTX .5: Magne-Traction.5 and the MTX : Magne-Traction?

  • GNU

    The Mag .5 is a more subtle version of Magne-Traction.
    Some folks find that with C3, standard Magne-Traction can feel a little too intense, so we mellowed it out a bit.

  • GNU

    Our inventory is limited, but you may be able to find what you’re looking for with a local dealer or an online retailer!

  • GNU

    Wahoo! So stoked for all of the kind words and support, we really appreciate it.

  • Mike Hardaker

    wondering what board crushed it during a deep el Nino winter 🙂 HOT KNIFE full review

  • David

    Hello there Lib,
    I am a 5ft 6inch male and i weigh 81kgs with normal clothes… I like to rip the mountain from top to bottom getting a carve on and basically flying… The Hot Knife seems a perfect fit for me but im just wondering what size i should go for?!

  • Ezi Rider

    Hot Knife 156 rules in New Zealand Hardback and POW !

  • Joe L

    Hey Lib Tech,
    My wife offered to by me a new board as a recent birthday gift (lucky me). My loyalty stands with Lib Tech but want to see what board will be the best fit for me. i am a 6′ tall male and i weigh about 195lbs. i typically ride a 158-159 and depending on the model i sometimes need a wide board (size 11 boot). i spend most of my time riding out in Jackson or Telluride and its most important for me to have an all mountain board. The park is not something I’m interested at all. However, i do want somewhat will hold edges at high speed and can hold up on groomers, in the trees, and out of bounds. Ive been considering the T Rice Pro but have also had some luck with the Hot Knife. Any thoughts on these or other board that might be a nice fit would be appreciated.

  • Michael

    what binding disk attaches to this board

  • Michael

    is it 2X4 OR 4X4

  • cjv-bham

    I personally ride the 2016 Dark Knife with similar geo as your hot knife, but a bit stiffer. I have my stance set back a hair for some extra help in keeping the nose afloat. I loooove it. Sounds like you might like the Nootka too. The same C3 construction but has a bigger nose to keep it floaty. Also a bit stiffer than the hot knife to keep it snappy and able to charge through bigger drops.

  • Raging Hornet

    Hi board-makers at Lib Tech,
    I am a free-ride fanatic, and here in Bulgaria free-ride means that in one line you can have everything… some pow, hard-pack and ice at the top and slush at the bottom. When there are no conditions for free-ride I love to carve on the groomers. I have the 2014 Attack Banana, I love it but I feel that it is not the perfect tool for the job. After some research, and having a look at the boards in the local Lib shop. I am thinking of getting the Dark Knife. And I have 2 questions. The first one is… Do you think that the Dark Knife will be a better tool than the Attack Banana for me? The second one is… Why the Dark Knife is not within your models anymore?
    Thanks for your time and the great boards you guys make 😉

  • Arthur Shamayev

    hi i want to get a hot knife but nit sure what size should i do 156 or 159 and do i need a wide ….??? I’m 5 11 about 185 pounds and foot size 11..thank you ….

  • Corwin Cavett

    I wish this board came in a wide version.

  • Arthur Shamayev

    hi i want to get a hot knife but nit sure what size should i do 156 or 159 and do i need a wide ….??? I’m 5 11 about 185 pounds and foot size 11.5 12..thank you ….

  • Charles

    Dear Libtech Gurus, first Thank you for your work and passion! I am 6’3 Weight 170lbs size 12 agressive all Mountain rider and i am looking for a every day board
    I have already 2 boards from you :
    I owe a Dark Series 161 2007 with the golden fleece tech and i still love it a lot! And i have a 2012 Travis Rice 164,5 for deep pow days and shreding, it s a rocket!
    I hesitate between a Hot Knife MW159 or a Travis Rice HP 161,5. Or if you have another recomandation, Please help.
    Thank you again!

  • Daymon Gray

    Go for the wide. Otherwise you may drag your heel or toes during a carve.
    Probably want the 159.

  • Nate

    I’m 6’2 and 175 with size 11 Boot and I’m also trying to pick between the same two boards. While we await their response, why were you looking at the sizes you were? I was looking at the 157 TRS HP, did sizing guidelines change since I bought my last board in 2009?

  • Tyler

    I am 5’9 and about 165 lbs, I expect an everyday board but one that also does well in powder, I wear size 11.5 boots and was wondering if the hot knife 156 mid-wide would be good for me??

  • Ben Fisher

    Suh Dudes! Love lib tech boards!….,my 1st lib tech was the pool skater board in the late 90’s. Really miss that lunch tray. Been looking for something short yet wide. Seemed like I could really lay out some carves with that board even though it was really short and wide. Seemed like the effective edge was huge. I’m only 5’10 145 lbs but have always rode wide boards to avoind toe drag as I like to keep my feet pretty square (12 degrees on either foot). Looking for something to nibble, swingable, can lay down a gnarly carve, and has some pop. Any recommendations would be rad!

  • Charles

    Thanks Nate! Sorry for the late answer
    While they didn t answer i tried Rome sds Agent rocker compétition to the Hot Knife C3 and enjoyed it, i Will anyway buy Also another Libtech TRS HP 2018 next year because i sold my Dark Series recently, wich Was a very physical board ( i snowboard for 22 years now and it Was the strongest board i ever had) Old school camber.
    Nate i Think downsizing my next Libtech TRS-HP to a midWide 159 to have at least a waist width of 26cm or more for my 12us size.
    I wish they have a TRSHP 161cm MW but No..
    Good ride everybody!

  • Stefan


    I’m 68 kg and have been riding for 20 years and focus a lot on my carving technique.

    I live in Sweden so the conditions are mostly packed snow or ice…

    Should I go for the TRS or the Hot Knife (or another board)?

    I would really appreciate any kind of help on this

    Have a great day!


  • Jean-Christophe Rodrigue

    Hi everyone.

    I bought this board in 156 Wide to rip the groomers and jumps everywhere. I have proper carving technique with interest in making it better all the time. I begain riding in the late 90’s with aggressive camber boards. I Ride with Burton SLX size 11 boots and C60 old school bindings. I am 5’10 and 160 lbs. I was tired of lifeless hybrid camber boards that drag with my large boots.

    I am so happy I bought this board. I do not have heel and toe dragging issues anymore. My ollies are back to where they were 6 years ago before I set my foot on a hybrid camber noodle. Thank you C3. The harder you ride this board the more rewarding it gets. To enjoy this board you need to ride hard and fast else wise you may think the board does not release well between turns or wants to stab you by catching an edge. It jumps well and is super stable in the air.

    What I suck at with this board is trying to knit through tight trees at low speed. Like I said, it’s not made to be agile at low speeds. It can be fun in powder but only with the pedal to the metal.

    This board has made snowboarding fun again without powder.

    Oh and the price… It’s an “affordable” high performance board that ride as well if not better than board that retail more hundreds more. Don’t be afraid to go for the wide version too. Again, love the 156W

    Thank you LibTech for this “mostly” camber beauty.

  • Hello!

    if you’re mainly riding packed snow, ice and focusing on your turns. the Hot Knife would be the better board for you. riding a C3 (camber) board will ride nicer when laying down carves.


  • fabio

    hi , my name is Fabio . I’m looking for a new board for my son ( 9 yrs old , 4’9 , 99 lbs , beginner ) and one for me ( 211 lbs , 5’6 , and have been riding for 23 years ) . which table? one who “feel” the curves of the mountain during the off track and that can express power in turns taken at full speed. I would like an emotion for me and my son ! Thanks for help and for your passion .

  • Hello Fabio,

    A great board for your son would be the 140 Banana Blaster, its going to be a great board for him to learn to ride on! As for you, a 154 TRS would work well for you, since you’ve been riding for 23 years, this board will be able to go and handle the more aggressive riding, while still being able to ride slow and easy when teaching your son.


  • kris

    hey guys I just bought a 156W hot knife what binding will work best ?

  • Davis

    Go for flow bindings, they are awesome. And really quick to get into, I am always the first one ready to go down the hill.

  • Andre

    Hot Knife C3 BTX vs Travis Rice Pro C2 BTX Which is better?

  • Both these boards and shapes are great! it just depends on your riding style. The Hot Knife having C3 will be closer to traditional camber, it will be more stable on hard pack at higher speeds, as well as having more pop when it comes to jumps and ollies. While the T.Rice pro (C2) will also have stability and pop because it has camber under each foot, it is a rocker dominant board. This means it will float a lot better in fresh snow, a long with being able to butter and press easier compared to a camber dominant shape. Once again both these boards are great, just depends on which one caters to your riding style better.


  • maximillian kenney

    i do a lot of slolem and gs racing but i also ride all moutain. is this a great carving board?

  • Hello Maximillian,

    Yes, the Hot Knife being C3 and mid flex, it will be a great board for carving!


  • Robert

    Wondering if this board is right for me? Male East Coast snowboarder, Advanced All Mountain rider, height 5’10.5, foot size 11. Looking for a board that holds well on ice. 159 or 159W?