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For Holiday Delivery 12/24, Order by 12/18 Noon PST – Skunk Ape Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

For Holiday Delivery 12/24, Order by 12/18 Noon PST – Skunk Ape Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

For Holiday Delivery 12/24, Order by 12/18 Noon CET – Skunk Ape Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

  • …Lost Rocket Snowboard - 157.5W

…Lost Rocket





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Matt has been snowboarding since the early 80’s. A lifetime of shaping surfboards has given him an incredibly trained eye for aesthetic, functional design, lines, and detail. The Rocket snowboard is a short, wide, elliptical side cut, pow floater that rips the hardpack and slashes everything in sight.


Art by Mayhem / Son of Cobra

Matt est un snowboarder depuis le début des années 80. Une vie passée à shaper des boards de surf lui a donné un œil incroyable pour concevoir des designs, des lignes, des détails et des shapes fonctionnels. La Rocket est une board assez courte, large, avec un rayon de courbe elliptique, elle est parfaite pour rider la pow et tout slasher sur son passage.


Artiste Mayhem / Son of Cobra

Matt shapt schon sein Leben lang Surfboards und hat in den frühen 80ern mit dem Snowboarden begonnen. Über die Jahre hat er ein extrem gutes Auge für ästhetisches, funktionales Design sowie für Linien und Details entwickelt. Das Rocket ist ein kurzer, breiter Pow-Floater mit elliptischem Sidecut, der dich auch auf hartem Untergrund nicht im Stich lässt.


Grafik von Mayhem / Son of Cobra

Matt lleva haciendo snowboard desde principios de los años 80. Toda una vida de shaper de tablas de surf le ha proporcionado un ojo clínico muy entrenado para el diseño, la forma, la funcionalidad, la estética y los detalles. La Rocket es una tabla corta, ancha, con un canto elíptico, capaz de flotar y marcarse giros increíbles sobre nieve polvo y a la vez bajar con confianza sobre nieve dura.


Gráficos de Mayhem / Son of Cobra

…Lost Rocket Info Graphic

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
157.5W 107 7 31.4 26.9 29.7 19.5" - 24.25" / 2.5" 7 120 +
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…Lost Rocket Construction
  • Garret McNamara’s HUGE balls

    Hello do you think I could rip this board? I am 6’2″ and weigh 225lbs.

  • Garret McNamara’s HUGE balls, eh!?
    The waist width on this board is 26.9cm, so it will offer tons of float and power for a 157.5–I think you’ll have a blast on this thing,

  • bigger balls

    Should make. 161

  • Fred caster

    I’m six four 225lbs do you think this board will work for me?

  • Yeah you shouldn’t have any issues, it’s really wide!
    So it will offer a lot of float and if you’re feet are big, you won’t get toe drag!

  • Storm Trooper

    What is an eliptical sidecut? What are the advantages?

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  • mark

    in 25 years this is the best board I have ever owned.thank you matt thank you libtech.

  • Steven Francis Martin

    Sorry, but have to ask, how would you compare to the Burton Fish? I’m a Lib guy, but I really want a killer pow board.

  • mark

    I cannot compare with a fish. never tried one.But I have a lot of boards.The rocket is loose but responsive.It realy feels like you are surfing.I have a yes 20/20.not even going to bother with it . Spent a lot of time on the La Nena..Had my Jones flagship out last winter,all those boards are nice,but the rocket is shaped by a surfer, if you want to surf the snow???? .Just go to a shop pick it up hold it in your hands,you will know if you need it.good luck and keep shreeeeding..

  • Steven Francis Martin

    Thanks Mark! Stoked to ride one!

  • GoofyTreeHugger

    Mayhem Rocket. Check. 8 days booked at Nozawa Onsen. Check. 7 Days Booked at Seki/Akakura Onsen. Check. Snorkel. Check. Powder falling in japan. CHECK! Thinking about extending the trip to Hakkoda….hmmmmmmm might be to good to refuse..
    Happy to see the reviews of this board are positive, cant wait to get on it and get back to the Japanese powder.


    5’8″ 160lbs, 10 shoe size, is this board too big for me?

  • Shr-Eddie

    So I already have the Hot Knife (159W, absolutely love it) but I’m considering a second board thats just as aggressive but setback/directional for pow days and straight up burning down the mtn. I know I already like the C3 profile and the shape/design of this board is nothing short of sick, I just worry about the stability of this one due to its somewhat shorter length. I was thinking I should be looking for something longer/stiffer than my Knife? Any input or suggestions would be a HUGE help. Thanks and keep up good work.

    6’1″, 185lbs, size 11.

  • Spenser Johnson

    your HK 59 is only a hair longer – not much. the extra width of this adds a level of stability as well. it’s a ripper. also has full camber (TT profile, not C3 as advertised) and a strong tail. one of the most awesome rides in pow I’ve ever had – typically I ride a setback/tapered board every day, for fair comparison

  • I don’t think we have any plans to do that, but this board rides BIG.
    It is wider than a Skunk Ape!

  • Mark! Thanks for the kind words and support, we appreciate it!

  • No Magne-Traction!
    It is old school, fast and powerful!

  • Because of the taper shape and wide width, this board will offer insane float, even though it’s not super long.
    But if you’re seeking something a bit more versatile and longer, the Dark Knife will be wonderful for you.

  • Nope!
    This is really a powder-specific board, so even though it’s on the bigger end of the spectrum for what you could ride…it’s too big to have an amazing time on.

  • Wahoooooo! Enjoy!
    Let us know how it was.
    And thank you so much for the support, we appreciate it!

  • Yeah, thanks Mark!!!
    We appreciate the kind words, it has been a busy winter for us and we haven’t been monitoring our website as much as we would like, but this is a killer response. You rule. Thanks for choosing a Lib!

  • Georges

    Guys, just wanted to say thanks for making such a great board. I kind of disagree that it is a powder specific board… i been riding it since the beginning of the year in Quebec and this is as you say it a full resort slasher. Holds better than my Nitro gullwing on hard pack and is also more playfull. No issues with jumps. Almost good as a Fish in tight out of bound stuff but way better in the resort and the groomer. It is also surprisingly stable at high speed and the flex is perfect for me. (6 foot 175lbs). The only thing missing a one more insert on the front foot to really set it back. (For me this is an issue with all the lib tech board….on the front foot too many inserts toward the nose and not enough toward the back). other than that this is the best board I’ve owned in a very long time. Nice to see boards with functionnal shape making it back in the market. Thanks guys for making such an awsome board.

  • David Preissl

    I had a T. Rice Split 161.5 and it rode better than any spilt I’ve ridden to date and felt very close to my T.Rice 157 BUT… In tour mode the C2 was less than great as most of the skin wasn’t in contact on hard snow or packed out trails. This Board with the C3 BTX and shape like a Mullet (which I also have) would make an mazing split. PLEASE tell me your making a split Mayhem for 2017.
    PS. the 2017 Mayhem Rocket Split will be my tenth Lib Tech… Love Libs!

  • GoofyTreeHugger

    After 18 days in Japan’s, chest deep powder, bluebird slush, and even a little hardpack ice, i can honestly say, this board is totally awesome. Comments saying this is the best board people have ridden in years, are 100% accurate.
    Whether on the goormers, trees or steeps this board rocks. On the groomers the almost traditional camber, is solid and easy to lay a good carve. On my first run for the season i instantly felt at home with both the side cut and camber. After riding rockers the last few years, it was like coming home, it just felt right.
    In the trees, its agile and playful, on the steeps its stable (you wont notice its a wide)… and in the Pow, its surfy, and massive fun, in fact i found it almost impossible to bury the nose… This board is nice and stiff, and you can really feel the power coming out of your back foot..
    For me this is the only board i need. I even rode a little switch, its not awesome, but its fine. Remember this board is directional…
    i am 6″0 and 185, with a size ten. I dont ride park other then on the way home….been riding 20 years or so …
    This board is so good, I will buy a second one and keep it safe, just in case it goes out of production, and i destroy the board i already have.
    Thank you Lib, i no longer need a quiver…

  • Love where you guys are going.

    Hey Lib…you guys thinking of making the v3 rocket as one of your lost x lib shapes any time soon….cause i’m not buying anything else but your surfboards from now on!

  • ReeferMadness

    Hey, I’m debating between the Rocket and the Round Nose Fish. What kind of difference in the ride can I expect? Love the concept Lib. Keep up the good work

  • James Allen Davis

    I just wanna’ know where I can get an Easy Rider helmet to go along with one of these! 😉

  • Roland Czechowski

    Awesome review, I am exactly your height, weight and boot size. My concern with this board is the width for turning edge to edge on hard pack but you didn’t comment that is a problem. At the end of the day you want this for powder and even slushy spring days where you get bogged on your normal board but good to know the width is not an issue carving on hard pack. I have been riding a long time as well and love to rail turns so something that works well on groomers/hardpack is a bonus.

  • GoofyTreeHugger

    Honest, I dont feel width of the Rocket was an issue, maybe its the combination of side cut, flex and profile. Really this board was more comfortable (for me) on hard pack and fresh cord, than my other standard width boards. Admittedly, i spent most of my time on uncompacted snow. Anyway, flying with boards is a pain in the ass, so I will leave my other boards at home, and just take the rocket. Not much point in bringing them (and paying excess baggage), as they would stay packed away. Maybe if i was not flying (and not going to Japan), i would bring a twin….

  • GoofyTreeHugger

    Just as a follow up. My other boards, waist width, are between 25.0 and 25.5, the Rocket is 26.9, i feel like that extra 1.5 should have been there all the time. Maybe it takes a better rider than me, to feel that difference.. 🙂

  • Renaud

    Hey lib tech !
    Is possible to find this board in France ?


  • Gordo

    I would love to get people’s thoughts that own or have ridden the Lib Mayhem Lost Rocket. I’m 5’11” 190 size 9 boots and have been boarding for over 25 years. Most likely I’ll be riding this board 60% eastern hard pack with a lot of ice and 40% western Rockies chasing my kids through the trees. Based on my foot size does anyone have experience turning this board on hard pack? ….with my foot size and weight am I dreaming thinking this board could be my next daily driver?