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  • Travis Rice Gold Member Snowboard - 155, 159, 163

Travis Rice Gold Member

Travis' Experimental Directional Geometries In Aerospace Firepower Construction

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Travis pushes the envelope on snow and with his boards. Firepower construction is the direct result of his desire for ultralight tip / tails and mid section of the board, while retaining stability and power for committed lines in the world’s gnarliest terrain.


Art by Mike Parillo

  • 2016 Transworld Snowboarding – Good Wood
    2016 Transworld Snowboarding – Good Wood
  • 2016 Snowboard Magazine – Platinum Picks
    2016 Snowboard Magazine – Platinum Picks

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
155 115 8.1 30 25.8 30 20.25"-25" / .75" 6 110 +
159 117 8.2 30.3 25.8 30.3 20.25"-25" / .75" 6 120 +
163 122 8.2 30.5 26.4 30.5 20.25"-25" / .75" 6 140 +
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  • XC2 BTX: Power Banana / Camber Blend

    A new formula of C2 with a shorter but, aggressive banana rocker combined with cambers that sit more underfoot. Extra solid tip and tail pressure for power, pop, precision and end-to-end stability combined with a medium amount of pressure between your feet for carving, edge hold on ice and float in pow.

  • MTX: Magne-Traction®

    Seven points of focused edge control. Magne-Traction’s strategic serrations provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions. Winner of over 30 Good Wood awards. Ridden to Olympic gold medals, Air and Style championships, King of Hill, X Games Street gold, Supernatural victory and Ted Borland’s backwoods jibs.

Technologically tougher

Firepower Construction

Travis’ new lower spin weight tip and tail construction… combines extended core, thinner tip tail profile, carbon stiffening, and end grain Balsa Tech from our Cygnus X1.

Eco Sublimated Bio-Plastic Beans Top Material

ExperiMENTAL division leader Mike Olson loves beans! When he’s not eating them he’s buying plastics made with them. Lib Tech has made a commitment to using a new earth friendly, bio-plastic top skin made from beans that features the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any top sheet in the industry.

Birch Internal Sidewalls

The same futuristic power 90º pop technology from our world record setting skateboards and power transfer spines only this time we have placed it along the sidewall of your board to add board control to our sandwich construction. Stronger, more pop, and more control brought to you by our Woodshop!

UHMW Sintered Sidewalls

A Lib Tech innovation. Twice as sintered as any other sidewall. Tough, fast, hard, waterproof, handsome and light. NO TOXIC ABS!

Sintered Base Material

Super tough base material that holds wax well due to its compression formed amorphous polymer structure. Super fast when waxed with Oneballjay.

Basalt Fiber Reinforcement

Strong light Volcanic organic additive free fiber reinforcements. Flex modulus is synchronized with our resin system for maximum strength and minimum weight. Damp, strong, and lively for a smooth poppy ride. Our favorite fiber.

Handcrafted in the USA near Canada!

BITCHIN’ BOARD BUILDERS We build snowboards. We build snowboards. No really… that is what we do. We don’t order them from China or anywhere else and send someone to go check and see how they turned out. We physically hand build them right here at home in the USA.

The World’s Most evironMENTAL Board Factory

30 years of handcrafting in the USA. A rider run board design and testing creative lab where dream boards are made.

  • Roy-Arne Børseth

    I´ve been thinking of getting this board. I’m 183cm and weigh in at 84kg with size 9,5 boots. I´m leaning towards the 161,5. I´ve always liked long boards and m favourite board to date is the first 162 TRS with Banana. (I got my hands on an early release).

    I like speed and railing turns eurocarve style on groomers but spend most of my time all over the mountain searching for trannies and natural features. Pretty much no park riding, except laps through the easy line of the park on my way back to the lifts from powruns at ski resorts over here in Norway.

    I´ve been on Lib boards ever since the Dave lee/ Joey McGuire days. I got my hands on the first shipment of the magna traction board. My first encounter with banana was the first 159 Skatebanana. This was when i discovered edge control. Pretty much been impossible to ride anything else, and i´ve tried. The amount of money spent on trying to find something better to ride is ridiculous. Every season for year i tried, but always ended up on a Lib sooner or later.

    Now i just have to find the right board.

  • Lib Tech

    Hi Roy,
    If you love Lib Tech,this board exemplifies everything that makes our boards great……so I think it will blow you away!
    It’s got all the usual stuff–Magne-Traction, some Banana between the binding insers (XC2 is an extremely snappy and nimble base contour) and it’s built by hand by a snowboarder.

    But because it features our Firepower construction you will also get a light board with strong end grain balsa reinforcements, a thinned out core extended further into the board for a reduced spin weight, basalt fiber and a biobeans top sheet to keep it lightweight, strong and damp, carbon for stiffness and a really awesome shape. The .75″ setback is enough for some added float in deep snow, but subtle enough to make riding switch feel comfortable. Basically we packed all of our best technology into one glorious board.

  • Tim Manfro

    Hello libtech I have a size 13 shoe and looking to get the 161.5. Do you think this is wide enough

  • Lib Tech

    Hi Tim,
    A wide board will be most suitable for size 13 boots! However, most of our wide boards have a waist width of 26.8cm, so the 161.5 Gold Member isn’t too far off with a waist width of 26.4. But all boots vary in size and there are other variables (like stance angles) that contribute to toe drag. I think your best bet will be to compare the waist width of this board (26.4cm) to the board that you have been riding.

  • Mike

    Hi Lib Tech, I am looking for a true one size fits all board as I am riding a lot of backcountry with my buddies and then shred the resort with my family. I rode a Jones Flagship Carbon two years ago which I found a bit heavy and stiff. I bought a Whitegold North last year, which was awesome in powder but did not carve very well. I’m riding 20+ years (but only a few weeks every winter) and am 186 cm with 90 kg and a 11.5 boot. Will this be it? Or any other stick out of your line? Thx.

  • Tim Manfro

    Thanks for the info!!

  • Lib Tech

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for reaching out to us! If you’re on the prowl for an aggressive, yet versatile all-mountain board that can handle steep backcountry terrain and resort cruising I think you’ll be pretty stoked on just about anything with our C2 base contour.

    The Gold Member is definitely our highest performer with the best/lightest materials, but any of the Travis Rice boards will be phenomenal.
    You could also check out the TRS or TRS HP–the basalt fibers paired with the XC2 base contour make it super nimble/snappy.
    The Lando Phoenix is another great option, the slight setback makes it a standout in powder and the risers have cross sections of bamboo below them which add some stiffness.

    With size 11.5 boots you’ll want to go with a midwide TRS or Lando–the Travis Boards are all fairly wide and will be able to accommodate your boots just fine.

  • Rico Ortega

    Hello Lib Tech,

    I bought a T. Rice Gold Member 159 this year. My old board is a Banana Magic 157. I have always used a 157 board but the new T. Rice Gold Member on only comes in 155,159, and 161. I am 5’9″ 151lb so I went for the middle of the three boards. I thought the 155 might be too small but I think it will be more maneuverable in the trees but it might get chattery on the fast groomers. I have been riding for 15yrs. so know my way around the mountain and know how to ride hard and I would consider myself an expert snowboarder. I like to ride in the trees, park, going as fast as I can on the groomers, and pretty much all over the mountain. The big question is did I buy the right size board for my height and style of riding? Thanks Lib-Tech

  • Lib Tech

    Hi Rico,
    It looks like all of the advice I would generally offer you about board sizing has already been summed up by you! Smaller boards will of course be more nimble and maneuverable, while bigger boards will offer more stability and power. If power, speed, and stability is your main concern, the 159 will be more suitable. But if you want something easy to throw around and maneuver the 155 might be the better option.

    But there are a few things to keep in mind: this is a directional twin board–it will be easy to ride switch with because it’s not setback much, but it will really shine when you are riding it regularly (nose facing downhill) and in deeper snow–a 159 will be more suitable than a 155 in these types of terrain! Firepower construction has an extended core and very lightweight materials, the 159 will be easy to spin on and control than other boards the same size. But it is important to also remember that a 159 will never be quite as easy to fit between trees or spin through the park with as a 155.

  • Rico Ortega

    Thanks Lib-Tech you guys make the best snowboards in the business.

  • Lib Tech

    Thanks Rico!
    We couldn’t build boards without the support of awesome humans like yourself.

  • Tim Manfro

    Hello lib tech your website stats gold ember comes in 163 but you said 161 above and in other posts. Which one is it.

  • Liam Rivera

    Hi Guys, I used your boards to compete on the Freeride Junior Tour – last year I finished second on the Junior World Championships using you T Rice Pro, I am not sure what to get this year – I am 5’6” – I am thinking of getting 2 boards the TRS 154 and the T. Rice Gold Member 155 – I Ride offpiste all winter, big lines, jumping cliffs and rocks, and try to do some tricks. Do you think the size and the boards are the right ones for me?

  • Lib Tech

    Yeah both those boards are phenomenal!
    The Gold Member is rad because you get the specs and mega-powerful construction Travis Rice loves, but in a directional board. And the TRS is just an all-mountain killer than really does Totally Rip everything.

    Because you’re spending most of your time off the beaten path I think 154-155 are the right sizes, they’ll offer maximum float and stability for landings, but not be too big to maneuver and try tricks on.

  • Lib Tech

    PS: Thanks so much for your support, we appreciate it!

  • Mike

    Hi, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, this does making a choice not easier. Frankly, I think your product managers went a little ballistic on the number of boards you offer. The choice is mind-blowing and the differences are so subtle – which also shows in all the questions in your own and all the other forums. It might make me shy away from your brand because I just can’t figure it out. 😉 (Plus, in Europe you find a limited selection anyway and can’t look at them all in a shop…)

  • Max

    Hello, i just have a question, is this board good for a beginner/intermediate using it all mountain 90% powder 10%

  • Lib Tech

    Hi Max,
    It definitely won’t be impossible to learn and progress on this board, but there are certainly some other boards that will be more suitable for newer riders. This one has a stiff flex, directional shape and a dramatic camber underfoot.

    You may want to check out the Skate Banana or Attack Banana.

  • Scott

    I’ve had the 157 2013 Lib Tech T Rice HP since it first came out. I love it but looking for something to be easier in the trees around Breckenridge/vail. I’ve recently put on a lil weight and weigh in around 200 and 6′ foot. I’m trying to figure out whether to go with the shorter 155 or the 159. Would it be crazy to go with the 155?? I don’t ride park at all except hitting a few jumps..

  • Benjamin Levy

    Whats the difference between last years goldmember and this years

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