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Ramp Series

Surfboard Top
Surfboard Side Profile
Surfboard Bottom

Magically fast surf skate "twin" shape small to medium wave accelerator.

  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series
  • Ramp Series

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We are currently out of stock on this Waterboard, but we can build one for you! It can take up to 4-6 weeks to build and ship.

The bottom logos may not be exactly the same as the images you see on our website. We match them as close as we can to the top graphic you choose. Each board is handmade in the USA by surfers.

Most of our Waterboard graphic options are built to order, they can take up to 4-6 weeks to build and ship.

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: We are currently out of stock on this item. Our dealer network may be able to fulfill this order.

  • Sizes 5’4”, 5’7”

Magically fast, short, wide, lowest rocker series with a speedy Horsepower thumb tail and flipped full nose. A surf skate for aerials, acceleration and spinning in small to medium waves.


Length Nose Width Tail Volume
5’4” 16.5" 20.25" 16.5" 28.2 cl
5’7” 16.75" 20.8125" 16.75" 29.6 cl


  • Radically Different Surfboard Technology

    Radically Different

    30 years of experience crafting and riding high performance environMENTALLY friendly composite surf, skate and snowboards went into designing our unique waterboard process, materials and shapes. Each of the 31 pieces used to construct our surfboards are new materials to the surf industry.

  • Environmental Surfboards

    Environmentally Nicer

    100% closed cell foam won’t absorb water... won't rot • More durable: Lasts longer, less dings, less boards in landfills • Recycled foam core: up to 50% recycled content in blank • Blank scraps all recycled • Elimination of hazardous resin systems • Non ozone depleting blowing agent • Basalt fiber: no additives, no boron • No solvents except water • No paint brushes • No sandpaper, no tape

  • Durable Lib Tech Surfboard being rode over by a man on a bike

    Dang Difficult to Ding

    • Years of composite panel impact testing went into our unique combination of fibers, Basalt and Resin systems.
    • Voted toughest board of the year by Outside Magazine.
    • Crossing the street or the globe, tougher surfboards - free your mind!
    • If you do ding it, you don't have to get out of the water. Our core doesn't take on water.
  • Freedom of Choice multi-fin system

    FOC Adjustable Fin System

    F.O.C. "Freedom of Choice" multi-fin system compatible with 5/8" performance tuning adjustability

  • Performance - Ryan Carlson



  • Handcrafted in the USA

    Handcrafted in the USA

    Every waterboard is hand made by surfers in the USA near Canada at the world's most environMENTAL board factory!


  • LVR43 High Rebound Matrix

    Instead of toxic industry-standard polyester or old-fashioned epoxy, we use a new chemistry that has higher elongation, extreme ding resistance, and responsive rebound.

  • Lightweight Powerpop Airspring Core

    Our exclusive closed cell alloy formula will not absorb water, is springy like a trampoline, contains up to 50% recycled content, and uses ozone friendly blowing agents. All offcuts go back into the process of making new blanks. This is a new formula that didn’t exist a year ago.

  • 2D2D Volcanic Organic Basalt Honeycomb

    Strong, light, lively, impact resistant, resists heel dents, additive free, volcanic organic pop. Damn Difficult 2Ding!

  • Lib Tech Leash Plug

    Leash plugs feature anodized 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum pins and a super light fiber-composite cup.

  • Elastomatrix Perimeter Dampening Web

    The metallic fibers on the rails are rubberized to give the boards a silky smooth ride even in choppy conditions, and are Dang Difficult 2 Ding (2D2D).

  • Mo Box Systems

    Micro Option adjustable positioning, chemically and physically integrated, FCS™ compatible.

  • Maximum Intensity Leading Foil M.I.L.F. Fin Systems

    Each board includes 4 adjustable fins featuring 2 M.I.L.F. Technology side fins, 1 Lib Standard Trailing fin, and a special bonus Spinfly Trailing fin.

  • Horsepower: Surf

    Flatter rocker, fatter tail, straighter rail = Max Acceleration

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