Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

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Ringer Series

Ryan Carlson's double wing swallow rip stick

La double wing swallow tail de Ryan Carlson

Ryan Carlsons Double Wing Swallow Tail Rip Stick

Doble swallow de la mano de Ryan Carlson para un surf sin límites

$699.99 USD

$819.99 CAD

€729.99 EUR incl. VAT

$629.99 USD

$737.99 CAD

€656.99 EUR incl. VAT

Free shipping over €75

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Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: We are currently out of stock on this item. Our dealer network may be able to fulfill this order.

Huntington Beach and global couch surfer Ryan Carlson’s personal shape. Ryan built his double winger swallow tail Ringer surfboard for high performance surfing, acceleration and control in all conditions on, inside or above the wave, from New York and HB to the North Shore.

“I love this double winged swallower… it’s my dream shape and rips everything so hard! I used to go through a board or two a week, it was a nightmare shapers hated me. My LIBs last forever and Mike Olson loves me. Game changer… so stoked!”~ Ryan Carlson

Le shape personnel du couch surfer international d’Huntington Beach, Ryan Carlson. Ryan a conçu ce double winger swallow tail pour un surf haute performance, une accélération époustouflante tout en gardant un contrôle ferme dans toutes les conditions, de New-York à Huntington Beach en passant par le North Shore.

Der persönliche Lieblingsshape von Huntington Beach und Global Couch Surfer Ryan Carlson. Er hat diesen Double Winger Swallow Tail Ringer speziell für High Performance Surfing gebaut, höchste Beschleunigung und absolute Kontrolle in allen Bedingungen auf, in sowie über der Welle. Von New York und Baja bis zur North Shore.

El couch surfer y surfer profesional de Huntington Beach, Ryan Carlos, nos trae su shape personal. Ryan hizo su Ringer con doble swallow tail para un surfing de alto rendimiento, acelerado y controlado sobre toda la ola y para cualquier condición, desde Nueva York a HB pasando por el North Shore.

Board Specs

Length Nose Width Tail Volume
5’10” 12.4" 19.25" 16.0" 28.3 cl
6’0” 12.4" 19.75" 16.3" 29.5 cl
6’2” 12.5" 20.25" 16.6" 31.3 cl
Magnesium Fiber

Tough & Resilient!

  • High impact and break strength fiber
  • Great rebound/memory
Woven Basalt Fiber

Smooth & Strong!

  • Pure additive-free mineral fiber
  • Inherent dampening properties
  • Break and impact resistant, resists heel dents
Carbon Power Spine Composite Stringer

Dynamic energy & long lasting flex

  • Tension spread to carbon fiber
  • Rebound energy return
  • Perfect flex tuning
Nitrogenecell Foam

Max Strength & Pop!

  • Strong: Nitrogen filled engineered elongated cells structure
  • Completely waterproof: Closed cell, does not absorb water
  • Recycled: 25-40% recycled content, 100% of off cuts recycled
Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin

Strong & Smooth!

  • Smooth riding vibration absorption layer
  • Impact and ding resistant
Bio-Matrix Resin

Strong & Nice!

  • Low VOC glycerin based chemistry
  • Best qualities of polyester
  • Longer lifespan than epoxy
Elasto Perimeter Dampening Fiber

Smooth & Strong!

  • Flex control
  • Precision
  • Pop
Sprock Blocks

Crush Resistant!

  • Strong
  • Long lasting performance
  • Pop
FOC Adjustable Slot Fin System

Fin Freedom!

  • 5/8” Performance tuning adjustability
  • Lightest, toughest box on the market
  • Fits many 2-tab & some solid base fins
Lib Tech Leash Plug

Better Basics!

  • 6061 T6 Aircraft aluminum pins
  • Lightweight fiber composite cup
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  • oli

    Hi Lib tech!
    Wondering how tall and how much does ryan carlson wheighs?
    Thinking of getting this ringer but as there’s only one size, just making sure it would suit me.
    I’m 6’1ft and 164 pounds. My surfing level is average/intermediate so far but still improving because i only discovered surfing 4 years ago. I’m an ex-sponsored snowboarder still in the industry and spending 6 months on my board training kids for the french federation. So i have quite some experience on riding snow/skate/wake/kite. I can, so far, do a lot of manoeuvers (roller, cut back re-entry…) and want to get aerials in the future. Can do ollie when riversurfing in spring when the snow melts and i’m starting backside 180. (so much harder than on skate or snow)
    I surf maybe 3 month in total (want to increase the time in the water in the next few yars) i have a fish when it’s small surf so this ringer would be when it’s a little bigger like head high or so! (can go up to 6/7 ft but never surfed bigger yet) I mostly surf in my country between hossegor and biarritz, so beachbreak and pointbreak but tried reef when i went to bali.
    Don’t want to tell you my life, but making sure you got all the infos, cuz unlike snowboarding where you have all the brands testing days, in surfing u can’t really try before u buy!
    So the question is: Would this ringer suit my measurement and my actual level (and a little bit of my future) or do you recommend another waterboard????
    I’m anyway getting a lib tech cuz i’m tired of dings, PU is too fragile, and i’ve always loved riding my mate’s lib tech with the banana and the magne-traction, and the only skateboard that i never broke was a libtech back in the 2000’s. Loved that noseslide feeling with speed and smoothness!!
    Thank you so much for taking time to read and respond

  • joe

    when will they be available

    online again

  • Billy

    Is this board constructed with the concave top?

  • Hi Joe, we have some available online now.

  • Hi Billy, yes it does have the concave top.

  • Collin McQueen

    When will there be 6’2″ available online?

  • pesurf

    Whats the thickness of the 6′ 2″?

  • Roger

    i would also like to buy one, when will it be available again? i would like to order from switzerland.

  • Alex Ian

    I am thinking of getting the 6’0. I am an intermediate surfer and in average to above average shape. I am 5’10 and 155-160lbs depending on how many beers I had in the days proceeding. Likely using this board for 3-6 ft waves on the east coast. Does a 6’0 sound like the right size to go with?

  • Michel Hua Hin

    is this board will be strong enough for kitesurfing as well ? as in kite we do have more pressure on the deck , this kind f construction is stronger than epoxy ?

  • mike

    when are the out of stock boards back in? how about a 6’7″ ringer