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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

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Aaron Witherell

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Our friend Aaron Witherell lives on the local shred lake and is an unbelievable wake surfer and skimmer. He always wanted to ride a Lib but none of our surf focused shapes were quite what he wanted behind the boat. Aaron rode some chopped down versions of our existing shapes for a year or two and kept designing boards and learning with a few other talented shapers he was involved with. He was always amazed with the toughness and ding resistantance our Lib boards have, how long they last without getting crushed out decks, and how smooth and poppy the construction rides. When he got old enough, Aaron began working in our surf factory building boards. He and Hendo experimented behind the scenes sorting out what the ultimate wake surf design would look like in the hopes that someday we might be able to make his dream of the perfect shape in the perfect construction come true. The time to share the fun with the world has come! Two brand new wake surf shapes in our environmentally friendly rugged, smooth riding Lib MBC construction: Aaron’s wide block moon tail, focused on big airs, tricks, progression and competition. The Yachtsea round pin tail, focused on more of an in the pocket surf and slash influenced style of fun. Hit it!