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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Lib Tech Team

Snow Rippers

Lib Tech Snowboard Team

Lib Rippers rip it up on Lib Techs from mountain peaks to back yard booters. This eclectic group of dedicated snowboard enthusiasts craft their riding to another level only possible with the help of their handcrafted bitchin’ boards. Legends, Travis, jibbers, goats, The Truth, chargers, groms, artists, slashers and contest killers all come together to represent the Lib Tech rippers, the world’s most bitchingest boarders!

Skate Rippers

Lib Tech Skateboard Team

Lib Tech Skate team are just like the skateboards, made in the USA, indestructible and MORE EXPENSIVE! These piles like tile!

Surf Rippers

Lib Tech Surf Team

Ski Rippers

Lib Tech Ski Team

Ski rippers are leading an all out arial assault on the ski world! Pillow stacks to backcountry kickers to park features to neck deep pow turns and back again, for the ski team, that’s just one run, on a Tuesday. When you’re ripping skis built by skiers in the USA (near Canada) anything is possible.