Banana Technology Wins!

Lib Tech’s all terrain freestyle snowboard specific geometries met with overwhelming success in ‘08 board tests…Banana Tech– “rocker between your feet” – and Magne-Traction -strategically located serrated edges- are revolutionary departures from traditional ski based, one pressure point, camber snowboard designs…Both designs are premised on the fact that snowboarders ride with two feet on one board in a wide stable freestyle stance…Magne-Traction improves edgehold and Banana completely reworks the snowboard pressure map…full edge contact is maintained but edge pressure is now focused between and at your feet, the board is pre-bent into a natural turning arc and the tips and tails are less weighted for lift, deflection and catch free jib insanity…Banana-Mag snowboards are easier to ride everywhere for everyone… The Future is Bananas!

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