Oneballjay BIO-GREEN natural waxes

Mervin Manufacturing factory waxes its snowboards with One Ball Jay Soy wax the worlds fastest all temperature wax made in Belfair Washington, USA.
All natural wax blend- no hydrocarbons
Natural waxes from vegetables and other sustained natural sources
Bio-Green wax features-
Non- Toxic
Fast- patent pending formula of 100% natural wax use
Better for the environment than traditional waxes
Wider temperature range than traditional waxes means BIO-GREEN wax is a better all temperature wax.
More durability- means is stays on your base longer
Hyper thermal adjustment properties… adjusts to work with snow
conditions…harder in cold softer in warmer conditions. Means speed
regardless of the conditions and temperatures
Smells good, like a journey in the jungle
New for 09 is BIO-GREEN Rub-on wax in all new Aluminum recyclable container with cork applicator.

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