Boxes for Days Tour 2011 – Stop Two – Boreal, CA

Mervin Mfg’s Boxes for Days Tour made it’s second stop this past weekend on the sunny slopes of Boreal. Eighty plus Tahoe area shreds took on the ridiculous 240? up/down/up/flat/down/flat/down/flat/mini-rainbow/down/curve/flat/curve/flat box…also know as the (Lane) Knaack Attack.

Jesse Burtner, Jason Robinson, Maribeth Kramer and Nick Visconti were on-hand to keep everyone stoked and pass out a grip of quality goods from Lib Tech, Gnu, Coal, Snowboarder Mag and Porter’s Tahoe. After three hours of box sliding mayhem, coffin slides and pickle juice shots, Billy Morgan took home the Slippery Banana award and a brand new Gnu Riders Choice snowboard.

Photos by Tim Zimmerman




Thanks to Jon, Eric, Lane and the rest of the Boreal crew, Nikki Sternin and the Nor-Cal Mervin clan and Kasey from Porter’s for making the day BEYOND rad.
Next stop is Sanosaka Resort in Hakuba Japan on Feb 5…Boxes for Daaaaaaays!


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