Ultra Natural: Day 3

Day 3 from Red Bull Ultra Natural at Baldface Lodge in Nelson, BC Canada on February 16th, 2013

Photos by Tim Zimmerman

Day 3 was a weather day, snowing with bad visibility but they picked up close to a foot of new snow and the course is stacking up buttery pow. Competitiors and judges got to take some powder laps in the Baldface Snowcat with custom art by Jamie Lynn.

With the event window now open, Red Bull Ultra Natural organizers and competitors are monitoring forecasts and mountain weather to find the one day with the ideal snow safety, riding and filming conditions to run the contest. Baldface Lodge owner Jeff Pensiero, head of mountain safety Lee Usher and Travis Rice talk about the steps being taken to ensure that the competitors are as safe as possible.


More on the official Ultra Natural site: redbull.com/ultranatural

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