Lib Tech’s Holy Bowly – Fueled by Monster Energy

The second annual Holy Bowly went down at Tenjindaira Ski Resort in Gunma, Japan and it was BITCHIN’! Lib Rippers Jamie Lynn, Jesse Burtner, Ted Borland and Wes Makepeace joined up with Gnu Weirdo’s Forest Bailey and Blake Paul to shred the living crap out of the amazing hand-shaped bowls that Krush Kulesza, Goro Komatsu and a legion of dedicated volunteers created. The Tim Zimmerman gallery and the edit from Think Thank will definitely make you add this to you bucket-list.

PHOTOS: Captured by Tim Zimmerman

SEQUENCE: Blake Paul Gap Backside 3 Melon

VIDEO: Lib Tech’s Holy Bowly Weird and Bitchin’ Edit!


Snowboarder Magazine Video:

Snowboarder Magazine Dispatch / E-Stone Photo Gallery:

Volcom Snow Video:

Custom Produce Video:

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