Lords of Seatown 2015 – Congrats on the win Sky! $5008 raised for Marginal Way

On a misty Seattle Sunday morning the stage was set at Marginal Way skatepark for the third annual Lords of Seatown, a now legendary battle for the Seattle rattle and fundraiser for the DIY jewel of the Emerald City. Lords brought out skateboard royalty and peasantry alike for a raucous hesh sesh and brutal BBQ of epic proportions.  Event founders Snowboy Productions put up some crucial scaffolding so more people could safely view the rippage and carnage.  Groms, Gramps, Guuuuuurls, Ams and Pros jousted through practice while a rowdy parking lot melee kept the rest of the fiefdom busy as the mist burned away to another sunny day in the “rainy” city.

The place was packed and the tricks were firing.  The groms came out swinging with dialed runs and hail marys, the Gramps used wisdom and experience for some the biggest cheers of the day, the Guuuuuurls went for broke and stuck some straight hammers while the Ams rounded it out with a few very pro performances of the highest caliber.

Then there were the Pros, who were maybe not all “pro”, but all in it for the $4000 cash purse on the line.  Practice alone was enough to know it was going to be an insane showing.  A heated battle left six warriors in the finals: Danny Tumia, Brice Niebuhr, Sky Siljeg, Chad Fenlon, Adam Hopkins and straight off the plane, last year’s champ, Phil Hansen.  Everyone ripped!  Danny came out swinging with his text book flow/style/difficulty combination that makes him a threat every year.  Sick lines, a couple blunt tricks thrown in nonchalantly and gnarly moves over the light and on the big wall.  Brice Niebuhr skates Marginal like he made it, because he did!  Or at least he’s one of a community that’s responsible.  Brice flows through the park like angry water trying to escape, tricks happen, speed happens, Brice happens, then he got naked.  RAGE! The Chad went back and forth punishing the pocket, the big wall and the vert extension with his own personal brand of impossible reverts.  Adam Hopkins was everywhere putting his wheels to ceiling on an invert, getting solid back tails and going for a couple 540s.  Phil Hansen’s hectic two week schedule of skateboarding, competing and traveling culminated with him sprinting from the light rail to Marginal Way and taking his first runs as practice, but still making the finals, all added up to a full body seize in the finals.  Even with a tweaked back and general body shock he still managed to lay down some insane crail slides and backside airs.  And that left Seattle’s son Sky Siljeg.  If Brice was water ripping through the park than Sky was fire!  Controlled creative chaos culminating in some of the most amazing lines and unexpected moments Marginal Way has ever seen.

When the sword of Damocles fell it was Sky crowned the victor and to the victor went the spoils; $1500 cash and the Seattle Rattle trophy.  As dusk and dust settled on the battle field of an epic day Sausage’s Todd Lown added Sky’s name to the “Lords” pillar alongside Brice and Phil and a grand total of $5008 was counted for the Marginal Way Non Profit Organization to keep things going under the bridge.  Thanks all who came out and supported.  If you missed it than you missed it but we’ll see you next year!

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