World’s Best Rippers Go Big [screen]!

What do the World’s Best Rippers really look like? Watch them come to life, taking flight, flip over, slide down, and point it through the terrain one may only dream of.


Fredi and J-rob in Absinthe Films’ Eversince

A heart pounding, high-octane thriller spread across every street, peak and steep from AK to Saas Fee. Fredi Kalbermatten, honorary mayor of the Swiss Alps writes the book on style and how to use a POV camera. This Swiss Knife cuts up the Alps with precision, while Jason Robinson holds it down on the home turf. J-Rob sets the bar for the professional snowboarders everywhere. Escaping death TWICE on his powder Pegasus the Dark Knife, and logging HAMs in the streets on the Boxscratcher, this is a part you will never forget.


E-jack and Rasman in Transworld Snowboarding’s Origins

Know your roots and learn from your closest competitors – your friends! TRS ambassador Eric Jackson speaks to the Mammoth lineage that led to his rise as a Total Ripper. And while the Jackson brothers made their hairy mark (EJack’s Beard and John’s Dreads) on snowboarding, young Canadian Chris Rasman has been chucking his way one gigantic spin to another in to the forefront of freestyle snowboarding. It’s carnage and greatness for this T.Rice Pro riding young phenom turned Manboy.


Borland, Reis, Burtner, Hulbert and Kirby in Think Thank’s Methods of Prediction

All winter long the streets were taken by storm by a group of Boxscratching rippers that freed their minds from any video part they were supposed to film and collectively completed the deep breath of fresh air snowboard movies were gasping for. No inanimate object from, playground, ropetow, rail, trail, or hay bale was safe off of I-80.


Jamie Lynn in Snowboarder’s SFD

For 20 years Jamie Lynn has exemplified Power Freestyle snowboarding, this year proved to be no different. Jamie digs deep into the roots of snowboarding plucking the heart strings of past, present and future generations while backing it up with avy-triggering Alaskan lines in the intro to Snowboarder Mag’s SFD aka “Straight F’n Down” !


Mark Landvik in Snowboard Mag’s A Constant Evolution

For Mark Landvik its been deep Northwest days, Big Mountain AK lines, and huge kickers for over a decade. Getting into and getting filmed in these strenuous situations creates the “WOW” factor that we all love about snowboard videos. Mark Landvik is an Adonis, but even the greek-god-gifted level of snowboarding he partakes in comes with a price. See how Mark balances life to create the remarkable level of ripping we have seen year in and year out.


Fredi Kalbermatten and Sammy Luebke in Will Film For Food’s Seasoned

Hunkered down for the season on the lavish snow faces of Saas Fee with an epic crew including THE Nicolas Müller, Sammy Luebke, Forrest Burki and the Swiss Knife himself Fredi Kalbermatten. The best at all he sets his mind to, be it DJ, Dad, Brand owner or Professional Snowboarder, his true prowess for Pow is realized in this year’s Seasoned.


Zebbe Landmark in L1 Outerwear’s Americana

Swedish Ripper Zebbe Landmark attacks the streets with his text book smooth style on gnarly features.

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