Jesse Burtner in Think Thank’s “Methods of Prediction”

Long time Lib Ripper, Think Thank founder and now in house marketing maven (and carpet skate king) Jesse Burtner put together another full shred part, his 19th in a row! Jesse’s strange brew of “bindings optional” freestyle snowboarding is on full display in these 2 minutes of creative chaotic control.  Here’s what the Box Scratcher himself had to say about it:

“We had no snow out West!  So I escaped to the East Coast and rode with Reis and Borland for three separate five-day trips.  And that was basically my season; go hard in the “streets” with these guys, fly home, hang out in the endless spring time of Seattle, work in the office, spend quality time with Ollie then fly back in to the blizzard of the century and start filming again.  Somehow it worked out.  Thanks to Ted Borland and Brandon Reis and their families for putting me up and being such absolute bosses out there!  And thanks to all of the Think Thank kids for helping this old dog get his shots!  To be in the movie this year, with how good these kids are, it’s an honor and it’s amazing to see how far they’re pushing snowboarding!”

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