Lib Tech at the Holy Bowly, the World’s Best Session!

Between watching this 15 minute Think Thank video and checking out these 100 or so Tim Zim photos you’ll start to get a good idea of just how fun Holy Bowly is. But in case not, take it from us, it’s a lot of fun! It’s as fun as snowboarding. That is to say, it’s as fun as snowboarding is intended to be. It feels like the times we should be having, every boarder from first years’ to Eric Jackson can have the time of their season there.

The Holy Bowly is the perfect amalgamation of surf, skate and ski, where snowboarding stands alone as the only activity to give you this much good times all at once. You flow through it, surfing the endless banks, walls and rolls and when the time’s right and a freestyle moment presents itself, whammy! You get it. It’s the best of us because we’re best when we’re all together and having fun. Best progression, best tricks, best times. Straight up it feels like when this whole snowboard thing started. We set out here in this post to write a story about the future of snowboard parks, but there’s no need, because the future is already here, it’s the Holy Bowly.

Enjoy The Holy Bowly 2016 at Mammoth Mountain presented by Snowboy Productions and sponsored by us, Lib Tech. Video by Think Thank’s Sean Lucey, photos by Tim Zimmerman.  Huge thanks to Krush of Snowboy Productions, Mammoth Mountain park crew and all the rippers for coming out. This is us! This is snowboarding! We’re already on the road to next year’s Holy Bowly!

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