Return to the Microwave Planet

One year later we find ourselves back on the hallowed grounds of Mt. Hood spending our summer ripping the world’s best boards on the Microwave Planet. This time around there was way better snow and even more concrete terrain than just a year previous. Traversing between High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Windells Skateboarding facilities the crew dared to step it up again, right out of their capsules, floating in a most peculiar way.

See young all terrain, all board ruler Phil Hansen leading the charge, casually throwing next level NBDs on wheels and wax. And Jamie Lynn showing up from an endless skatepark hobo tour and devastating Windells crete with better than ever style and power. Along with Brandon Reis and Max Warbington tearing into High Cascade’s park and mini pipe while, Mikey Swearingen, Ted Borland, Jamie Jacobson, Jesse Burtner, Chad Fenlon, Cooper Whittier, Blake Paul, Jacob Krugmire, and Ryan Paul round it out with high times from peak to street.

Enjoy a view of this alien world where boarding is the way of life, where stoke levels runneth over and where the shred world becomes one big family. For us it’s home, albeit for a few months only, and we already can’t wait to get back to the Microwave Planet.

Special thanks to High Cascade and Windells for the hospitality.
Filmed and edited by Think Thank’s Sean Lucey
Music by Wind Burial 

Categories: Brandon Reis, Chad Fenlon, Jamie Jacobson, Jamie Lynn, Jesse Burtner, Mike Swearingen, Phil Hansen, Ted Borland