New Trailer for Travis Rice’s “The Fourth Phase” Out Now

We are less than one month away from the global premiere of Travis Rice’s four year snowboarding Odyssey, The Fourth Phase, from Red Bull Media House. If a month seems like a long time don’t worry, the latest official trailer is out now, here! Two minutes of jaw dropping drops, spine tingling spines, mind blowing blower and adrenaline inducing airtime is upon us!

Lib Rippers Travis Rice, Mark Landvik and Eric Jackson follow our world’s hydrological cycle to the furthest reaches of the planet pushing themselves and the pursuit of snowboarding to new heights on Lib Tech, the world’s best boards. Just as we strive to push the design and performance of our boards handcrafted in the USA in our Sequim, WA factory, made environmentally nicer and producing zero hazardous waste. So too does Travis and the amazing crew assembled around him push to tell the story, in all of it’s glory, smiles, trials and tribulations , of the lifestyle and sport we all identify with.

Their hard work and passion for next level snowboarding and cinematic production have culminated in the masterpiece that is The Fourth Phase. Amounting to an absolutely all in and invested look at the pinnacle moments of snowboarding from the pinnacle rider who has spent a lifetime achieving them. It’s Travis Rice, on his Lib Tech T-Rice Pro starring down another larger than life jump. On your marks, get stoked, go!

Travis Rice's "The Fourth Phase"

Check out Travis Rice in a new teaser for his upcoming movie “The Fourth Phase”

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