Lords of Seatown 4 – All Phil, No Filler. $5109 Raised for Marginal Way DIY!

It was another epic! The Battle for the Seattle Rattle convened for the 4th time ever under the bridge downtown at the Lords of Seatown. The ogre protecting his lair was out in his most authentic and powerful form, and the Northwest’s transition juggernauts showed up to skate their claim. With a quick pour on the deck between the brand new bowl and the main event, and a tireless scaffolding build by event gurus Snowboy Productions, the coliseum was prepped for 360 degree views of the carnage!

Gallery by Tim Zimmerman @fotomaxizoomdweebie #zimstagram

Ams, Gramps, Groms, Grrrls, all the way through kept the concrete cooking and the bleachers howlin’. You’d better be quick grabbing a burger or beer from the BBQ… The ams looked more like pros, the gramps didn’t look a day over 30, the groms… Must be something in the water, and the girls had A Grade tricks firing all day. Don’t want to miss Phil’s 540, Sky with 4 on the ceiling over the hip, Bryce’s head bash boneless or Zion’s floating acrobatics. “Brrrrappppppp Brrrrrrappppp!” – the sound of Bryce in his undies skating MW, a million miles/ hour gripping a chainsaw… Scantly clad, saw revving, no competitor was safe, Bryce Niebuhr was RIPPING! Putting the hurting on the park that he built with sweat and dedication of the Marginal Way DIY community.

The savagery peaked in the heat of the afternoon, and the finals brought the bludgeoning. In the end, it was all Phil and no filler. Finding fluency in the tranny, Phil Hansen on the Pill, strung together the line worth having his name hand-painted again by Sausage’s Todd Lown on the “Lords” pillar of the park, and the $1500 cash prize.

A wild one at Marginal Way and a great day for skateboarding… $5109 raised for Marginal Way Non Profit Organization to continue the rad under the bridge and over $15K over the last 4 years of L.O.S.T! Impossible without Marginal Way Skatepark, Snowboy Productions, Lib Tech, Evo, Diecutstickers.com, Coal, Sausage Skateboards, Grindline, Alive & Well, Black Market, Dirty Bearings, 35th Ave, BC Surf + Sport, A.I.M. Medical and Quincy Quigg. Thank you to all who skated and all who came out to support. See you next year!

Lords of Seatown IV – Marginal Way DIY Skatepark -2016



  1. Phil Hansen – $1500
  2. Zion O’Friel – $1000
  3. Jake Selover – $500
  4. Greg DeHart – $400
  5. Jason Singler – $300
  6. Adam Hopkins – $200


  1. Josh Dulac
  2. Quintin LaVille
  3. Elijah Pyle


  1. Tim Herrera
  2. Kimo Cole
  3. Metal Mark


  1. Maddie Collins
  2. Kristin Ebeling
  3. Kate Markquart


  1. Daniel Urton
  2. Rogue Stoppard
  3. Jarred Brown

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