Tucker Andrews Full Part with Warp Wave

Lib Ripper Tucker Andrews just put out a heater video part from his epic season with the Warp Wave crew! Tuck’s powerful all mountain attack is accented with hammer time tricks and hilarious “momos” (aka moments) that can only come from this one of a kind boarder. Tucker lays it out and throws it down from Tahoe to Baker in a part that demands you jump up out of your cubicle and go boarding!

We caught up with the man himself in between splitty mishes’ for a quick interview:

What was it like filming for this vid?
It was an excellent time! Lots of learning and exploring which made it such a good time. Also it was the most momentum for a movie that warp wave has ever had so I think that kept the whole group motivated the whole season. Plus it finally snowed in California which made it all possible.

Top ten Ween songs of all time?
Yeesh! Tuff question…basically they are all the best of all time but I’ll throw out some personal faves

  1. What deaner was talking about
  2. Mononucleosis
  3. Kim smoltz 
  4. Nan
  5. Sarah
  6. Exactly where I’m at 
  7. Back to basom 
  8. So long Jerry
  9. You were the fool
  10. FLUFFY 


Why are you such a ski boss?
I think your confusing me with Gus Warbington or tanner hall, they both have similar motives and traits. . Gus actually said he wants people to call him “ski-Don” from now on…

What’s a  “yeesh momo”? And how many a week do you have?
A Yeesh “mo mo” and or “moment” is anything that makes you wonder…or something insane/ mental/ unreal. And for me I try to partake in as many “yeesh mo mos” A week as I can. They are normally all good experiences.

How many Warbingtons is too many?
Mas Warbingtons! Never enough in my eyes. They are radicle animal loving life shredders, aka the truth.

Who’s the munj to go on a dank splitty sesh with?
Hahaha, this is my favorite question so far. Pretty much anyone who’s got good backcountry knowledge and wants to earn some turns! But I love a good splitty sesh with the Eddys, shad (Taylor Carlton), Messi, gray, Horgan, Jbrady even tho he says he doesn’t like to split, he does. All the warp wavers, my lady Becca and Gsiebs. That dude is the truth too.

What’s next sick puppy? More Warp Wave?
Next is more boarding! That’s always gunna be next. But yea, just trying to ride snowboards and catch air with good humans. Spend quality time in the mountains and try my best to live an eco friendly life.  Warp wave is on the grind again! The boarders are boarding and the filmers are filming but the end result is a mystery!!

P.S. thanks lib tech for making the best damn snowboards in the world! You guys are the greatest!

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