Road To Holy Bowly Part Two: Idaho

As our piles piled into the Libaru for a tour of the terracotta landscape  of the great state of Idaho, the outside temperature on the dash read a bit higher than 69 but not quite 420 for the entirety of  the 6 hours to our first stop… Lewiston. Amidst the potty talk, skateboard folklore, booger flinging, and feed check at 100 degrees team building and heavy claims were lingering in the cab like a stale fart.

No more “you shoulda been there” or “that would have been sick”. As we pulled into the lot we stuck out like sore thumbs… Not sure of it was a certain stench (for medicinal use, seriously, Jamie Jacobson broke his foot the day before) that rang through bare hills of the border town, riddled with law abiding citizens, or the  Jamie Lynn masterpiece duplicated in our two car fleet.

Lewiston provided.  No big tranny L  but for a1st stop just to get the getaway sticks limber?  What more could you ask for?! Chad Fenlon greased and unfiltered ciggy and a FS One Foot  5-0 in the 11th hr on the Rat Tail.  Kyle had his back with lil ham of a street line (the only one of the trip) and a miller flip to put the cherry on top. But the cajones of the day award goes to Pill Phil with a 50-50 to grass ride out out… to nudy swim in the Snake River (For more of phil’s bare ass, Follow @philbuttt_hansen).

MCaull was a ball. Good Subway too! (Ordering for more than 8, call ahead.) In a bougie lil’ mountain town tucked away in the center of the potato state lies a gem without much mileage on the coping. The boys laid into it. The Chaddy dopeness laced a FS boneless sky high! Speaking of, in his absence Sky released his unearthly power to create a storm so powerful and so disruptive, that our serene campsite in the hills became ground zero for total destruction… of our 8 person tent at 2 am.

Rhodes? Where we’re going we need Rhodes?  A few more hours, some shitty reggae, a bit of trap music, and countless times of Mikey telling us how good the Flash is and we had made it to the USA’s most recent skateboard mecca. Rhodes park in Boise. Not there for long time, but a good time!  Prestige crew laced us with grip/ soft goodies, and Bridget and the Garden City Project had beers and the mini ramp cool down.

Good thing we were headed to Gooding where the blistering heat of the white, hot, American, leg trip motivated the youngest, most-easily influenced to skate. Kyle filmed a line that Daewon liked on social media, and Jamie Jacobson sacrificed the potential well-being of his fresh fracture for the makings of history. Phil Hansen shInverted Jamie’s boot. WTF?

After a burger  and a cone down the road,  we headed to the pride of Idaho, Idaho Falls. A lovely little town or something, with some park lizards baking in the sun, a constant hum of scooter wheels, the occasional M80, and mufflers dwarfing baseball game megaphones. We got what we got, Phil barley passed his math test and we bailed licktey split!

We made camp in outer space. With the whole crew reaching stages of delirium, and photog Joe Hammeke probably ready to bail, home for the night was the Craters of the Moon in the middle of fucking nowhere.  A manufactured campground complete with more cookie cutter campers (and there occupants) than times Mikey was asked to put his shirt in on in a family restaurant, amongst Mother Nature’s beautiful landscape. Place is dope, who knew?

Through Sun Valley (Ritz) into the swithcbacks of the Saw Tooth Nat’l forest (sticks). For just one night subsistence living paid off. Babbling creek, unlimited firewood, magnificent views, plenty of  beers, and good times with old friends, for the most part. Phil used a beer as a throwing star, likely in self/ego defense against Mikey and we will likely hear the end of it.

In any event, pent up frustration boiled blood under a full moon, fueling the next day’s session. A warm up at Ketchum, set up for a slaughter fest at Hailee.  Dreamland’s gnarliest creation and the holy grail of transition skateboarding. Full pipe, savage extension,  deep bowl, plenty of vert. Phil and Chad kicked around a couple lofty trick ideas. After warming up on the vert wall, Chad battled and conquered an alley-oop 50-50 in the deep end. WOOF!

As we followed our compasses true northwest, we slowly made our way back. Stopped for a rebate session at Rhodes. Mikey showed up, (shirt off) and produced.  Phil chucked up a Mctwist, Jamie did an invert in his boot, kyle gapped the channel, Chad destroyed the lip of the vert wall and we went home!

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