Lib Tech X Dave Herberger X Ryan Carlson X Nude Bowl X Costa Rica

Washington’s most off the grid traveling creative Dave Herberg got a hold of Carlson’s Costa Rican hard drive and melted a few sessions into a real nice feeling. Huntington Beach legend and Lib Tech test pilot Ryan Carlson has a heavy hand and foot in every board design we make… this little edit has him hacking, sliding and slashing our “one board quiver”, the Nude Bowl, through a wide variety of tides and swells in some fun looking Caribbean olas. If you are looking to simplify your life or going on a trip and need one stick to do it, all in a wide variety of conditions the rounded pin Nude Bowl is the perfect choice. The fact that its dang difficult to ding adds an unbeatable carefree feeling to surfing down the street or around the world… no high performance board travels better. Song and edit Dave Herberg.

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