Lib Skate Haggard and Proud at ATS

Back in Feb we took the new Dirty Adam skates for a test rip at All Together Skatepark. ATS is right across the street from us and is always a great rainy day escape. A bunch of our Seattle employees skate so we had nice mix of in-house cubicle killers and full fledged team Rippers with Garrett Shephard (accounting) and Ben Lardy (design) meeting up with Phil Hansen and Mikey Swearingen for a little lunch sesh.

As expected the boards were sick! With our unique Cockroach Construction they legitimately have more and longer lasting pop and they legitimately don’t break! Each one is carefully hand made at our factory in Sequim, WA by a skater or some sort of board riding enthusiast who puts their all in to it’s creation. The art on this particular limited series is by PDX hesher Dirty Adam. Adam rides bikes, builds bikes, drinks coffee, draws like crazy and is always in search of haggard love. Boards are available now! Check the video and thanks to Marshal for hooking up the private park!

Song is “Bat Bomb” by War Puppy who is fronted by another in-house Mervin guru and fakie big spin master Tim Franz

Get the whole album here:

Lib Skate Haggard & Proud Skateboard

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