Austen Sweetin for Lib Tech

High Octane Skate Banana Action

We have a “Sweet” announcement! The whirling frothing power packed ball of pure energy known as Austen Sweetin is now ripping on Lib Tech dream boards! Seattle’s son and global shred phenom Austen has been part of the crew for years, snowboarding, skating and surfing with us on a weekly basis. From Qualmie grom to Forum ruler to show stopping Absinthe Films enders to Depth Perception pillow dives with Travis Rice; Sweetin has already had a legendary trajectory through the highest levels of board world. Now in his mid twenties Austen has done and seen it all and knows exactly what he wants; time on his board with good friends feeling the flow and sparking the fire of the collective stoke. If there’s shred to be had he wants a piece of it, no question, huge smile, full commitment… charging.

This past winter the stars aligned and Sweet Cheeks came home to Mervin! Right out the gate he jumped on our flagship Skate Banana model and reminded all of us just how sick of a snowboard it is. Putting it through the paces on every kind of terrain he used the Skate Banana’s balance of exotic materials and experimental geometries to launch himself in to the Mervin Made world. Throughout the rest of the season while filming for his and Sean Lucey’s upcoming Quiksilver project “High Octane” Austen sampled most the entire Lib Tech line like a bee drunk on pollen flitting about the world’s best flower garden. No need to land for long little bee, we’ve got plenty more flowers growing. Garden analogies aside we are so stoked to have Austen as part of our crew. A highly talented, highly motivated, easy to work with all season activator of this caliber doesn’t just grow on a tree (I guess we’re in the forest now) he grows in the Northwest! So please join us in welcoming Austen Sweetin to Lib Tech! Winter is coming, the boards are live on and here is a video of Austen talking about and shredding on his dream board the Lib Tech Skate Banana!

…there isn’t anyone more naturally Lib Tech than cheeks.

– Pete Saari, Mervin Mfg Co-Founder

Lib Tech is boardin’! From the back bowls of Alpental, to the peelers of the peninsula, and all of the bowls in between, Lib Tech is there and it feels good to be home! It’s an honor to be welcomed into the board company born and bred from my favorite place on earth, the northwest!

– Austen Sweetin

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