Dream Boards with Brandon Reis and Ted Borland

Dream Boards with Reis and Ted

Ted Borland and Brandon Reis have been staples in snowboarding’s freestyle vanguard for years. From ender Think Thank video parts to contest wins and countless amazing moments both on the board and as cultural contributions such as the Bonezone for Ted and Brandon’s Mona Reisa art project. They are at the top of their game and the very definition of professional so it was an easy decision to give them guest models in Jesse Burtner’s “Box” line. The 154 Brandon Box Scratcher and the 160 Borland Box Knife with customized graphics by Pika we’re sprung on these unwitting east coast power houses two summers ago at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. The dream of having your name on a board is not dead at Lib Tech, it’s alive and well and Ted and Brandon are more fired up than ever to create on snow. This video tells the story of Ted and Brandon’s dream boards from the surprise moment to some hammer action during a New Hampshire storm. Congrats Ted and Brandon we can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Filmed and edited by: Sean Lucey
  • Music by: Robot aka Robi Gonzalez @robigonz robigonzalez@gmail.com

Zim and Lucey met up with Ted and Reis in New Hampshire for a quick strike mission after a big storm dropped 2+ feet everywhere. They got two great days and then the third it poured rain and melted all the snow in 10 hours. That’s the life of an ECP (East Coast Powerhouse).

Reis and Ted coming in hot
Coming in hot
Reis and Ted coming in too hot
Maybe too hot
Reis and Ted Success!
Brandon Reis and Ted Borland

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