Truffle Pigs

A wise man once said “When conditions get challenging the challenged get conditioned.” Such was the case for Travis Rice and Chris Rasman when their five feet of fresh Tordrillo pow pow was scoured by 100+ mph winds. But instead of retreating in to their Ghillie suits and candle light dinners these two pow pigs got out there put their noses to the wind swept surface sniffing out every truffle of soft snow in the 1000 mile rough. They did this in search of “the perfect gap” and (spoiler alert) they found it…them…they found some. But OK, YES, they also did retreat to Ghillie suits and candle light dinners. But it’s Alaska, the days are long and the nights are days and it get’s lonely and the dog team starts looking better and better. Not like that. But as in any shred mission the down time is almost as memorable as the up time and as it is with you and your crew, hilarity ensues. All things said and done these two kicker crushers took an impossible looking scenario and turned it hyper radical with larger than life tricks in larger than life terrain. Justin “Chip” Smith and crew did an exquisite job putting everything together from the filming to the edit and we are once again left stoked for winter and amazed at what the world of Rice continuously creates. Enjoy the fruits of these “Truffle Pigs” labor!

Tim Zimmerman Gallery:

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