Split BRD-ing with David MacKinnon

From David “The Split BRD is next level– my dream board for sure. It’s an uphill machine that devours skin tracks and gets me to the goods like nothing else. Directional C3 means added pressure on your skins for better grip, which is key when approaching lines via sun or wind affected snow. I was a little worried by the BRD’s weight; it’s crazy light, and that can mean chattery at speed. But this thing rides like a Lib, damp enough to charge if you’re brave enough to drop. The early rise nose floats like a dream, and the tail is stiff enough to hold through anything– hard carving freeride is better on the BRD.”

Photos by Brad Slack

David’s POV Split BRD vid:

“It’s all BC and Switzerland, and I hiked every line (chairlifts, snowmobiles, and helis were used for access). The hellride at the end is on the west shoulder of Le Toûno, a peak near Saint Luc in Switzerland. I made a mistake on my climb and ended up having to drop into the line unplanned, without having scoped. Bit of a misadventure, but the ride of my life for sure.”

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