Tricks Tips with Air’n

Welcome to wake tricks with Air’n Aaron Witherell our resident wake surf craftsman and local Ripper gone global pro. Scroll down through this post to go from standing up to pulling tricks. Hit it!

Aaron Witherell

Aaron Witherell is breaking down the nuts and bolts of wake surfing in our new “how to” video series. Wanna skip some of the awkward beginnings? Or unlock the secret of airs? Take tips from one of the world’s best and HIT IT on your progression to maximum flow, tricks and good times with Wake Surf Trick Tips With Air’n!

#1. Stand Up!

First your going to need to stand up. It’s not rocket science, but there are tricks to the trade guaranteed to get you surfing sooner and easier. Aaron breaks down the art of standing up in this video.

Aaron Witherell

#2. Surf and Pump

Now you’re up! Time to get comfy surfing, pumping and eventually letting go of the rope. Aaron takes us through the crucial next step of wake surf progression.

Aaron Witherell Tricks tips
Max Stanford Air'n Wakesurf

#3. Slash

You’re up, you’re surfing, you’re pumping, now it’s time to get aggressive with a classic slash. Aaron takes us through the technique of floating the front foot and hammering the back to throw some buckets!

Wakesurf tricks tips with Aaron Witherell

#4 Air’n

Ok you’re feeling good, looking good, flowing good and hammering slashes, now it’s go time, to be more specific AIR time.

Wakesurf tricks tips AIR with Aaron Witherell

#5 360s

You’re comfy, you’ve dropped the rope, you’re pumping the transitions and doing some little airs. Want to really make your buddies spill their beer? Level up with a spin and learn 360s!”


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