Jesse, Reis, Matteo and Phil in Greenberg

Jessie Burtner in Suzy Greenberg the Movie for Lib Tech snowboards
Matteo Soltane in Suzy Greenberg the Movie
Suzy Greenberg the Movie

Scott Stevens’ opus of freestyle mania “Suzy Greenberg 270 The Movie” is here! Long time collaborator, Think Thanker, Lib Ripper and Mervin cubicle killer Jesse Burtner worked side by side with Scott on bringing this puppy (Australian Sheep Dog) to life. For three seasons they stacked off and on between injuries and life / work balance to do something neither Scott or Jesse had done before, not only create a multi year video but more importantly try and capture the essence of getting rad through the lens of one of the sport’s raddest; Scott Stevens. Jesse turns in another chapter of Box Scratching wizardy checking off some life goal tricks, some NBDs and a couple “young Burtner” moves as well with a major tip of the hat to where his life is now, family and fun. We get heavy cameo’s and parts from other Lib Rippers like Brandon Reis, Phil Hansen and young buck Matteo Soltane. All in all Greenberg delivers as the snowboard vid snowboarding needed ( or maybe the trampoline vid snowboarding needed ). A sigh of relief in a world of cool. No posturing just trying hard, spazzing out, laughing, slamming, landing… repeat. Suzy Greenberg 270 the Movie has landed.

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