The Brandon Reis Skate Banana

Brandon Reis seems like a normal dude. Except for his insatiable thirst for snowboard stunts. And his super weird art. And his Instagram edits… actually he doesn’t seem normal at all! And that’s why he’s so awesome and so is his new Skate Banana!

Watch the video! Starring: Brandon Reis, Jesse Burtner, and Austen Sweetin.

Brandon Reis with his Lib Tech Skate Banana snowboard
Brandon Reis Skate Banana

We invited one of snowboarding’s most prolific freestyle rulers, Brandon Reis, to reimagine the vibe of the iconic Skate Banana. We gave him a blank canvas and free reign to unleash his Mona-Reisa drawings on his favorite all mountain board. And that he did. Brandon went full “kid brain” on it creating the most unique Skate Banana we’ve ever had, a new look at the board that turned snowboarding upside down by a guy who loves going upside down, perfect! Brandon rides his Banana everywhere, from The House of Reis (his backyard) to the variable slopes and parks of his native New Hampshire to Holy Bowly, Mt. Baker, the streets of Oslo and everywhere in between. The Skate Banana’s all terrain chassis is made even better now with that little extra kid brain vibe at work to enhance the everyday abnormally fun weirdness of snowboarding. So feel free to be free on Brandon’s freestyle Banana, after all he’s from New Hampshire where they “Live free or die” and always ride it weird!

Brandon Reis at the Bush Project
Brandon Reis with his Skate Banana by Lib Tech Snowboards
Brandon Reis at Mammoth Mountain, CA

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