Handcrafted in the USA The Movie

Lucas Wachs and Stellar Heli Ski
Lucas takes the plunge at Stellar Heli on the UFO 115s

Every Lib Tech Ski is proudly made in the USA (near Canada) in our state of the art ZERO HAZARDOUS WASTE factory Mervin Mfg. We love having our own factory and being able to create dream skis like Lucas Wachs’ UFOs, our Ski-e-o’s Wundersticks or the Experimental Kook Stick with the all new Rocker Activated Drive technology.

What better way to celebrate being handcrafted in the USA than to make a ripping ski edit? None better! We follow Lucas Wachs from Baker to Stellar Heli with some cameos from more of the Lib Ski crew along the way in this five minute free skiing assault.

Starring Lucas Wachs with clips from Mike King, Adam Ü and Simon Grissemann

Filmed and edited by Sean Lucey

Additional filming by Tim Stanford, Tim Zimmerman and Chris Kaar

Music Song: “Yawning Nemophilist” by Mother Root / motherroot.bandcamp.com


Learn more about our environmentally nicer manufacturing processes at mervinmade.com

Most of Handcrafted in the USA The Movie was filmed in Canada!

We got a chance to rip up at Stellar Heli in Brtitish Columbia last year and that’s where 90% of the footage from the video was filmed. Place is amazing, check the gallery of Lucas Wachs by Tim Zimmerman and visit Stellar Heli at stellarheliskiing.com

Lucas rides the UFO series in Handcrafted in the USA The Movie.

Lib Tech UFO Skis

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