Lib x …lost Collection

The Lib x …lost collaboration is a fun one… Matt has always been an inspiration. We come from surf culture starved PNW, and Matt’s Southern California based dysfunctional/performance 80’s and 90’s foundation felt a bit like a surf parallel to our building Lib Tech snowboards in many ways (I think they might have been a bit more dysfunctional than us nerds we were : ) We put a lot of energy into this project every year and it always feels good.

Matt Biolos in the Seattle Mervin Mfg office

On the surf side no one mixes world tour performance shaping and an understanding of the needs of the passionate recreational surfer better than he does. Matt’s excitement for snowboarding and snowboards came as bit of surprise to us but it parallels our frothed out passion for surf… he lives deep in the surf world and snow feels like a playful adventure for him which is what surf is for us. It’s fun for us to see what happens when applies all his shaping skill / knowledge and passion for design and testing to the snow projects.

Matt Biolos riding pow in Japan
Matt Blasting through Japan on the Retro Ripper

I think we are 5 or 6 years in now and our latest Lib x …lost snow line feels like the best work we have done together. Each design has been meticulously refined and tested and is absolutely dialed in.

Lib x Lost surf and snowboard lineup
Lib X Lost all year long!

Here is some of what Matt has to say about our 2020/21 Lib X Lost collaboration:

“This seasons selection feels like something special. A passion project dating back to my early teens, building snowboards in my parents garage of Mountain Ave, staring up at Mt Baldy with Paul Berton, excited to stand sideways sliding down the snow. They are a reflection of my adult life spent designing and building boards, chasing all passions of riding surf and snow.”

Snowboards handcrafted near Canada
Handcrafted near Canada!

“All Lib Tech boards (surf and snow) are built in the USA, adhering to the founders’ strict resolution to keeping the cleanest, least harmful, least polluting and re-cyclable construction and materials.”

Pete Saari and Mike Olson at the Mervin Mfg Factory
Lib Tech “environmentally nicer”toy making co-founders Mike Olson and Pete Saari.

“I am fortunate to be able to design the outlines, cambers and general specs in AKU Shaper, then trust in master designer Steven Cobb to fine tune my rudimentary renderings into works of art.”

Steven Cobb
Lib Tech designer Steven Cobb dials it all in!

“This years graphics are a collaborative with a couple longtime cohorts of mine, French alternative surfboards wizard Fantastic Acid and my favorite all time graphic artist Jim Zapala… wrapped up with the technical expertise of Annette Veihelmann.”

Lib x Lost Rocket Snowboard
Fantastic Acid (@fantasticacid) living up to his name on the Rocket.

“Tested and developed with open ears to many great snow riders from Mammoth (like Devin Tubbs, Tim Gallagher and Wave Rave) to some of the PNWs finest. All of our boards feature a traditional, but shorter camber bottom with elongated relaxed rockers in the nose and tail (for forgiveness), each uniquely positioned to balance with the outline of the particular model.”

Devin Tubbs at Mt Baker
Lib Rider / Lost tester Devin Tubbs blasting a Mt. Baker classic on the Retro Ripper.

The line up.

Quiver Killer 154 and 159:

Quiver Killer

All around modern, directional, wide-ish resort ripper, equally at home in the park or free riding natural terrain features.

Austen Sweetin
Austen Sweetin lays back the snow version of the freestyle ATV Quiver Killer.

Rocket 152,157,161:

Lib x Lost Rocket Snowboard
Lovely in Red.

Now in its sixth year! Beloved Surf style Groomer, mixed terrain n Pow Utility tool.

Austen Sweetin at Stellar
Austen Sweeten Rockets through the pillows.

Retro Ripper 156, 166:

Retro Ripper snowboard and Hydra surfboard
Retro Ripper and Hydra.

Classic re-vamp on 70’s era, swallow tail powder machines, with a graphic and design nod to Japanese inspired surf stoked snow riding revolution. Glide and momentum are the game. Equally at home on low angle, early morning groomers as the deepest of powder.

Devin Tubbs at Mt Baker
Devin Tubbs Retro Ripping into the future.

Get ’em while you can!

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