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Box Serial Episode 11 “Look What The Cat Dragged In”

Jesse Burtner and Micah Hollinger cue up a couple sunny days at The Summit At Snoqualmie. Also featuring some fiery pop ins from Matteo Soltane and Phil Hansen. Jib, platter, laugh, repeat. More days like these please!!

Filmed by: Micah Hollinger

Song is called “Chapped Lips” and is by Jesse Burtner, recorded in Ballard Blue Jay.

Cue the Burts

Episode 10 “Holiday Platter”

Usually it’s a bad thing if there’s a hot tub in the landing… Jesse get’s to snowboard closer to home than ever before with Seattle snow and a flat table session in between holiday feasts just 15 feet from the house. Also featuring Pika, Ollie, Nicolae, Percy, Shawn Bishop and almost some “street” spots too!

Song is “Messes” written by Jesse Burtner with Nicolae White on the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and production. Recorded in the Garden Bunker.

Lib Tech Box Scratcher Snowboard

Box Serial is Jesse Burtner’s I-phone shredding + home music making, Box Scratcher and Knife riding project. It features Jesse, Matteo Soltane, Al Grogan and more. Below you’ll find Box Serial Episodes 9 through 1.

Box Serial Episode 9

Episode 9 works backwards in time. In July we find ourselves back at Obstruction Pass sessioning a sun cupped wind lip QP thing during the NW heat wave. In June we’re at Timberline just above the parking lot for a ghetto plank jib. In April it’s two sessions at The Summit at Snoqualmie, one on a step up and one on what we dubbed the Vaccine Gaps. 4 days on hill total with Jesse Burtner, Matteo Soltane, Shawn Bishop, Al Grogan and Ollie Burtner. Song is “Plant it in the Garden” by Jesse Burtner with Garrett Burtner on the clarinet.

Jesse Burtner at Obstruction Pass
Jesse sort of escapes the heat wave up at Obstruction Pass in July.
Lib Tech Box Scratcher Snowboard

Box Serial Episode 8 “Spring Fling”

It went from total pow to total spring in the matter of a week. For Box Serial Ep. 8 Matteo and Jesse found themselves out flinging for two days of slushy sessions on tricky transitions. Filmed at the Saari’s house and Qualm starring Matteo Soltane and Jesse Burtner. Song is “Shiver” by Jesse Burtner.

Jesse Burtner and the Box Scratcher Snowboard at Snoqualmie Pass, WA
Ah spring, snow one day, mud the next!

Box Serial Episode 7 “Storm Cycle”

“Storm Cycle” finds the Box Serial crew storm boarding up at Snoqualmie and down in a snowy Seattle. Featuring Matteo Soltane, Jesse Burtner, Brandon Reis, Al Grogan, Josh Nucci, Pika Burtner and Ollie. Song is “Can You Blame Me” by Jesse Burtner. Vocal + Stylophone by Jesse. Guitar, drums and production by Nicolae White. Bass by Christina Burtner. Recorded at The Garden Bunker.

Lib Tech Box Knife Snowboard
Jesse Burtner
For those about to scorp, we salute you.
Brandon Reis
Reis with those extra clear lenses.
Snow in Seattle!
Rare snow in Seattle panic kit complete with Scratcher and Knife.

Box Serial Episode 6 “Bone Yard”

The crew sessions the legendary Summit at Snoqualmie Bone Yard. Of course the old timey favorite box was sessioned as well as some other shenanigans. T’was a crack ‘o noon, right by the yurt type of day, aka perfect. I have a feeling we’ll be back for round 2 here…

Featuring: Al Grogan, Matteo Soltane, Jesse Burtner, Kevin Hoff, Brendan Sullivan with a J-rob pop in. Song is either called “Way More” or “Big Picture” and is by Jesse Burtner

Box Serial Episode 5 “Triple Line”

Box Serial Episode 5 “Triple Line” with Matteo Soltane, Josh Nucci, Al Grogan and Jesse Burtner hitting a fast paced triple line of mini rails up at Snoqualmie. Everyone filmed each other trying out lead and follow cams and it was a blast. The multi talented Tim Zimmerman came through with some epic GoPro follows too. Song is “Too Long” by Jesse Burtner with vocal and uke with Nicolae White on drums, base, guitar and production.

Josh Nucci laying into a blunt on the Box Knife
Josh Nucci laying into a blunt on the Box Knife

Box Serial Episode 4 “Chugach”

Jesse and Pika Burtner get some quality (close proximity) boarding in at Jesse’s childhood home in Anchorage, Ak. Song is “Electric Jewels” by Jesse with bass by Pika.

Box Serial Episode 3 “Caleb’s House”

Matteo Soltane, Jesse Burtner and Al Grogan find refuge on a brick Snoqualmie day at Caleb’s house. Song by Pika Burtner and Jesse Burtner

Box Serial Episode 2:

The second installment of Jesse Burtner’s jibby journal of Box Scratcher adventures. Jesse, Al Grogan, Tim and Liesl Zimmerman log some early season clips at the Summit At Snoqualmie. Get out there and scratch!

Pics: Tim Zimmerman

Box Scratcher

Box Serial Episode 1:

Jesse Burtner’s Box Serial web series kicks off with a trip to Obstruction Point, just a stones throw from where the Box Scratcher he’s riding was built at Mervin Mfg.

From Jesse:

June 26th, after 105 day break, Pika and I went snowboarding again. Zim, Stantech and Max Poops met us at Obstruction Point for a snow box session to get some presses on the Box Scratcher. It was so beautiful up there and so fun to be boarding again! We got a bunch of legendary pop ins like Chris Saari and some wind and rain but that didn’t stop us. Then we got hungry and that did stop us. Look for more Box Serial episodes coming at your face and come get a clip with us too 😊!

Pics: Tim Zimmerman

Jesse Burtner on the Lib Tech Box Scratcher
Jesse pressing out the Box Scratcher
Jesse Burtner 1 foot
Jesse with the hop scotch
Jesse Burtner with the Box Scratcher and Box Knife snowboards
Mind freak!
Box Scratcher

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