The Magical Mid Size Pickup Sticks

Welcome to a functional family. Four sizes and unique shapes guaranteed to add joy to your surfing. Whether you are just getting started and looking for a one board quiver or ripper looking to add a versatile “mid” sized” toy to your collection there is a Pickup Stick for you. The casual cruisy fun mindset that comes with Pickup Stick surfing is perfectly matched and enhanced by our dang difficult to ding Eco Impacto construction. First timers who don’t know how to take care of a board don’t have too and rippers have a board that harvests ridiculous amounts of waves and survives being a loaner when the family and friends visit. Add in our environmental friendly, zero hazardous waste build and you have a perfect recipe for magical feel good rides.

Collection of Pickup Stick surfboards in back of a Pickup Truck
Mid-sized family of four

Designed/shaped by Mike Olson and Jeff Henderson the Pickup Sticks are a refined blend of design concepts from 70s singlefins, 80s eggs 90’s performance longboards and modern performance shortboards.

Mike Olson and Jeff Hendo
Pickup Stick designers Mike Olson and Hendo happy with their work

Each size has its own subtle performance characteristics and ride.

The 6’6″ is the short board of the bunch with a speedy squash tail that allows high performance surfing in small to medium sized waves.

The 7″ and 7’6″ are very similar in design featuring effortless wave catching glide and narrower rounded pin tails that hold and drive allowing precise carved turns. These are incredibly versatile shapes that work in all sizes of surf from small to large.

The 8’er leans a little more towards a magical longboard feel with lots of refined contours including a rounded pin tail and chined rail that make it an effortless carver and the defined concave nose that sets up amazing nose rides.

Lib Tech Pickup Stick Concave
Refined Pickup Stick contours and curves
Dane Perlee on the 7'6" Pickup Stick
Pickup Sticks enjoy energy… Dane Perlee shacked on the 7 6″
Pete Saari on the Pickup Stick surfboard
There is a little longboard in every Pickup stick… Pete Saari Nose gliding the 8′

The Lib Tech Design team puts a lot of love into every project we work on behind the scenes. The Pickup sticks definitely get their share.

Pickup Stick artists
Pickup Stick art party Annette and her design assistants
Lib Tech Art Director Annette with the Pickup Stick
Lib Art Director Annette Veihelman dialing in the color
Ben Lardy drawing Pickup Stick artwork
In house designer Ben Lardy truckin’
Pickup Stick truck collective
Dusty blue

The Pickup Stick test crew covers all the bases… everyone loves a Pickup Stick.

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