Lib Tech snowboards 21/22… Board’n Dreams

Lib Tech 2021-2022 Dream Boards Launch

Welcome to Lib Tech Dream Boards 21/22. We are a collective of board sports dreamers brought together by a passion for free expression. Whether riding mountains, waves, cement or creating works of art with new technologies and environmentally friendly craftsmanship, we’ve dedicated our lives to this. Building up from nothing but a dream, we are now bringing dreams to reality with our equal opportunity, high tech / zero hazardous waste board building facility Mervin MFG. Handcrafting the best boards for every season and every condition for you me and all our friends. Dream boards…

Check out the 21/22 Lib Tech Dream Boards!

Lib Tech Dream Snowboards Factory

THE 21/22 DREAMSCAPE: It’s been a wild ride. The season ended abruptly, our factory was closed for 10 weeks and a lot of us work from home these days but if anything facing these challenges and our fears has made it even more clear how much we love building and riding boards. Our factory is back on line, socially distanced and more productive and efficient than ever. Our engineering team, craftspeople and crew are the strongest we have ever been. We are excited to show you what we dreamt up with our boy Travis and the crew for 21/22.

Travis Rice with the 2021-2022 Orca Snowboard
Travis Rice with a freshly born Orca at the source Mervin Mfg.

Travis Rice Dream Boards

Travis updated his pro model with a new all-terrain shape on all sizes. The Orca is back in new sizes, a split option and an ultra-light carbon Recycled PET APEX construction. Travis has a brand new pinnacle pow and resort freestyle stick designed specifically for his ground breaking event series… The Golden Orca.

Lib Tech Snowboards Golden Orca Snowboard
Travis Rice snowboarding in Jackson Hole, WY
Travis showing off his plumage on the Golden Orca.

Lib x …lost

The snow offering from legendary surf shaper Matt Biolos are as refined and beautiful and functional as his surf shapes. All mountain surfers like the fan favorite Rocket and gorgeous Retro Ripper to the power freestyle ruling Quiver Killer.

Tucker Andrews on the lost Quiver Killer snowboard
Tucker torqued on the Lib x …lost Quiver Killer.
Lib Tech x ...lost Quiver Killer snowboard
Katie Kennedy snowboarding on the Lib Tech Ryme Snowboard
Katie Kennedy happy to be meloncholy on the Ryme.

Women’s Lib

Women’s LIB is a growing collection of creative dream boards, designed and built with passion and purpose. Free expression, equality, and premium quality drive this line to be the best in class. With an amazing line of boards and a growing crew of Rippers on them for Women’s Lib the fire is building!

Lib Tech Ryme Women's Snowboard
Phil Hansen and Lib Tech Dynamo Snowboard
Phil night moves on the Dynamo for “Philm” Pic: Ted Borland


Snow / skate ATV pyscho Phil Hansen has his own movie coming out with Slush Magazine, “Philm” a film bout Phil Hansen. His trusty Lib Tech Dynamo steered him through the process.

Speaking of Dynamos Austen Sweetin has been on one since forever and is sitting on a grip of footage for his upcoming Boardslide Worldwide video.

Austen Sweetin at Natural Selection in Jackson Hole, WY
Sweetin cranking a method at the Natural Selection
Lib Tech Dynamo Snowboard

This year started out as almost a worst case scenario and still brings challenges daily. But through your support and our craftspeople’s / Rippers / artists / engineers and internal team’s hard work we’ve managed to make this the best dream ever… Natural Selection, Holy Bowly, Jamie Lynn, Orca Conservancy, Reis the Backyard Boarder, James Johnson, Fabric, E-jack, Box Serial; the stories, videos and general eye candy are going to fly as will the snow so stay tuned and we hope to see you out there chasing your winter dream!

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