Zoë and Jacqui in “All Aboard”

Lib Rippers Zoë Vernon and Jacqui Shaffer show us the seasonal shift from the deep pow of Mt. Baker to the tough grind of commercial fishing in Bristol Bay Alaska. Tricks and buoys are thrown. Pillow, cork, lead and big mountain lines are dropped. This is an honest and accurate portrayal of the symbiotic relationship between snowboarding and seasonal labor such as commercial fishing. How do you “mesh” your driving desire to snowboard every day in the winter with the realities of paying for it? For Zoë and Jacqui they’ve found their sea legs as Mt. Baker diehards and drift netters in the world’s last sustainable wild salmon fishery. Two powerful young women navigating these very male dominated arenas through hard work, high risk and big smiles. “All Aboard” indeed.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Burns.

2021 2022 Lib Tech Orca Snowboard
2021 2022 Lib Tech Dynamo Snowboard
2021 2022 Lib Tech Dynamiss Snowboard
2021 2022 Lib Tech Brd Snowboard

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