Get your BOOSTER!

Lib Tech riders Jake Little and Jack Severson take you on their winter missions throughout the PNW and Rockies with filming done by Grady Haskell. Following last year’s project, “Vaccine”, the crew went into this season with the goal to make a video that showcases all that they love about a Northwest winter filled with friends and powder. Centered around Mt. Baker, Jake/Jack take advantage of the open resort plan and above average snowfall, catching pow days that people only dream of and endless pillow lines. As the skiing ensued so did the snow with a freak snowstorm that left Tacoma, Washington blanketed in snow and had them swapping out their pow sticks for some urban riding. Quickly, after being cable stars on the local Komo News 4, they packed up and headed to the Peninsula just outside the Mervin factory where they spent a few days capturing some Hurricane Ridge riches. After a quick trip catching some Utah slush and sunny laps the crew headed back to Baker for the last of the goodness before hanging up the skis and calling it a successful season.

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