Lucas Wachs’ “Recreate”

“Recreate”, featuring Lucas Wachs and friends, takes you on a journey around the PNW for an inside look at the natural beauty and terrain of the area. Be prepared to get inspired as Lucas tours, sleds, hikes and bikes through some treacherous lines. For this film, Lucas went out with a mission to focus on utilizing his own backyard and to fully appreciate the public lands and protected areas that allow us to freely ski, snowboard, and bike. Story developed by Dan Norkunas, who wanted people to get a general appreciation for the wilderness we get to recreate in. Lucas and Dan hope to inspire stewardship and thankfulness for these natural areas.

Lucas Wachs filming for "Recreate"
Lucas Wachs going absolute beast mode while filming for “RECREATE” – Photo by: Pete Alport

“I think everybody goes out into the backcountry to have natural experiences. To see the beauty of nature seeing those places and having those experiences that are un-impacted by the trappings of human society we become motivated and inspired both in our regular lives and to help the environment stay healthy and pristine. To exist in a way that nurtures us as human beings and nurtures our adventurous spirit, which is an important part of being a human.” – Kevin Rowell

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