Ian Crane on the RNF ’96

Modern day… lost charger Ian Crane goes renegade on the RNF ’96 in this blistering display of style, performance and ’96 funk!

Lib Tech RNF '96 Surfboard

Round Nose Fish ’96!

The surf industry was in a 20 year performance design rut when in ’94 and ’95 Matt Biolos experimented with multiple variations of fishy designs. He created boards for himself, Chris Ward and Cory Lopez that eventually became the building blocks for a performance hybrid revolution. As teenagers Chris and Cory took to the North Shore on the Round Nose Fish and made their indelible mark on the surfing universe. Now in the name of great surfing and surfboards Matt Biolos applied the past 25 years of board building expertise to create a better surfboard faithfully based on but not exacting to the 1996 RNF versions. Welcome to the future… again.

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