Tim Zimmerman Cold Brew Screen Saver

Lib Tech’s long time staff photographer Tim Zimmerman did it again with this season’s dreamy tree snow scene from Baldface Lodge. Transport yourself there mid meeting or homework session with this Zimmerman x Cold Brew screen saver. Check out #zimstagram on IG for a ton of amazing Tim Zimmerman images. Cold Brew take me away!

Lib Tech Cold Brew Screen Saver

“I’ve heard the light phenomena in the top sheet photo called a bunch of different things, but I’ve always called them Sun Dogs. They mesmerize me every time I get lucky enough to see one. This one happened on one of my very first trips to Baldface Lodge. It had been snowing so hard for a couple days and in one small break in the weather, there it was… I knew the clouds were going to obscure it quickly so I shot it every way I could before it got swallowed back up by the storm.” – Tim Zimmerman @fotomaxizoomdweebie

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