Lib Tech Ski is R.A.D.!

Lib Tech Ski get’s even more R.A.D.! Having skis crafted in the USA, environmentally nicer, with game changing tech like Magne-Traction® and Rippers ripping them like Lucas Wachs and crew is pretty rad already. Add to that our new Rocker Activated Drive technology aka R.A.D. and it’s getting so rad we had to make a video to celebrate! “Lib Tech Ski is R.A.D.” features Lucas Wachs up at Stellar Heli, Otto, Jake, Jack, Geddy and more ruling around Mt. Baker and the greater Northwest plus some good old fashion 80s flat ground skiing at the factory that all adds up for a really sick edit… we mean RAD!

Starring: Lucas Wachs, Jake Little, Jack Severson, Otto Trebotich, Geddy Lee Miller, Willick Johnson

Mervin Mfg. Crafter / Actors: Otto Trebotich, Geddy Lee Miller, Andrew Guimond, Tristin Butler

Filmed by: Tim Stanford, Sean Lucey, Al Grogan, Ely Campeanu
Edited by: Tim Stanford

Tim Zimmerman photo gallery:

Categories: Jack Severson, Jake Little, Lucas Wachs