RNF 96 Video Series from the …lost crew!

…lost Surfboards presents 5’5” 19 1/4… Century a video series celebrating the story of the revolutionary Round Nose Fish and the current crew of rippers creating history on the RNF ’96 today!


“Old Guys Rule”

“We sit down with Chris n Cory, as they reminisce early days in Hawaii on the first few fish, then immediately make off to Mexico, as Chris works out the kinks in the sweltering Salina Cruz sun. Next, we catch up with Cory, at Kandui, meeting and mixing with Ian Crane, trading punches in a myriad of Mentawai line ups. Then, we delve deep Down Unda’ and way out West, to find Taj Burrow, “fishing” around the punchy powerful peaks of his frequent home town haunts, under ominous overcast skies. Stick around for the credits, featuring father/son forehand frothers, The World’s Highest Rated Rep, Gorkin going boom and Mason n Chris re-united for more Mexico mishaps” – Matt Biolos


“A little Spark”

“Episode 1 catches up with Matt Biolos, recounting the hazy history of the RNF’s humble inception, while shaping a 5’5” x 19 1/4” for Kolohe, who hurriedly hops down to Australia and promptly proceeds to put it to use, popping off in playful, punchy breach break, with youthful enthusiasm. We skip over to Indo and catch up with Mason, happily hotdogging an unnamed left and then back home, to Hawaii, where he recklessly romps through anything and everything, all around the island. Jumping across to California, Griffin spends one full fall day, basking in the sunshine and golden glow of his home break, making a case that the RNF could conceivably be ridden as competitive contest equipment. Finally, don’t skip the credits, as we stay with the Trestles theme and host a fish fest down at everyone’s favorite corner of cobblestone, featuring a classic collection of team riders, old and new.” – …lost

“One humble board made by a shitty shaper and two stony kids.” – Matt Biolos

Mayhem’s RNF ’96 is available in our made in the USA, darn difficult to ding, environmentally nicer, zero hazardouse waste construction!

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