Lib Tech Surf “Dang Difficult To Ding”

Lib Tech Surf is “Dang Difficult To Ding”!

Matteo sets out through the Lib Tech factory with a fresh Puddle Jumper for Kurt… what could go wrong? Literally everything! This gauntlet of fails is an exaggerated dramatization of hilarity that showcases our technologically tougher ecoIMPACTO construction. Don’t try this at home… but do rest assured with Lib Tech Surf you get less worry and more fun because they truly are dang difficult to ding!

Lib Tech Surf Eco-Impacto technology

About ecoIMPACTO:

20 years ago, Mike Olson set off on our mission to build a better surfboard. In the process he completely rewrote the book on surfboard construction. Every component we use in our ecoIMPACTO surf construction is completely new to the surf industry. Our Thermo Fusion Process incorporates plant based bio resin, environmentally friendly recyclable blanks, radically minimizes sanding steps and resin exposure while creating amazingly durable, environmentally friendly, high performance surf structures.

Filmed on location at Lib Tech Surf / Mervin Mfg. Sequim, WA by Tim Stanford and Tim Zimmerman
Directed, edited and graphics by Kurt Jenson
Co-editor Tim Stanford
Script by Jesse Burtner
Starring Tony Mingoy, Matteo Soltane, Kurt Jenson, Jeff Kempf, Otto Trebotich, Pos, Hendo and the Mervin crafter crü!

Categories: Kraftsmen, Surf