When Brains Collide

What’s better than the video? The bonus! Think Thank brains Jesse and Christina Burtner team up to form a new music / video project, DVD_bonus, featuring original songs and new clips from Think Thank alum / friends and family. “Daydream Walk Away” features clips from the last season of the Burtner Box Scratcher model as well as the new Reis x Pika Scratcher board. There’s no rules in the bonus!

Tim Zimmerman Box Scratcher Gallery:

The 23/24 Box Scratcher art features the combined brains of NH Ripper Brandon Reis and 15 year Scratcher artist Christina “Pika” Burtner on an epicly weird journey from reality through the brain.

Reis likes a good stone grind finish. Pic: Zach Tinker

The “Burtner” Box Scratcher

Burtner Box Scratchers, 14 in all… get behind the scenes stories on all 14 of them, the Pika Burtner art, the riders who ripped em, the tricks that got landed and the vids created throughout the years with Jesse Burtner’s #boxscratcher IG series!

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