Matt Biolos + Cole Houshmand On The Rad Ripper

I’m a child of the 80s, started surfing in ’82, really went head over heels by ’83 / ’84, started building boards in ’87…and when I started building boards they kind of had a look and feel like this…

– Watch Matt break down what makes the Rad Ripper rip while Cole Houshmand radically rips it!

The Radical Ripping Rad Ripper!

The Radical Ripping Rad Ripper!

The latest model in Matt Biolos’ “Post Modern Retro” collection, the Rad Ripper, draws its inspiration from 80s performance shortboards and is scaled for small, to medium everyday suring. Super-fast, forgiving, user friendly, retro fun with modern updates and improvements for the masses!



Modernized 80s retro squash tail fun performance 

  • Flat, stable deck, with steep, low apex, tucked soft rails.
  • Built in our lightest weight Techno Pop construction.
  • Slight vee in nose (to free up the low rocker) into a shallow single concave, into a deep double concave vee, for both speed and control.
  • Wide, stable squash tail, glides across anything, and holds speed through turns, even in small summer slop.
  • Forward thickness flow, with wedged “beak” nose, for drive and paddle-ability.
  • Also available Futures compatible.
Colorways based on size
Big block squash hot rod tail motor

The Rad Ripper basically has an engine on the back of it and is ready for everything that puts a smile on your face from ripping through power carves, whipping through threes, gliding through extended floaters, to blasting airs and winning Stab High like Rasta Robb! Built in our lightest weight Techno-Pop construction, it has a nice 80s feel and will take the beatings you give it when it becomes your favorite board.

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