DYNAMOS at Holy Bowly 10

A pack of Lib Rippers descend on Snowboy Productions’ Holy Bowly 2023 at Sunshine Village on the best Bowly board the Lib Tech Dynamo. All the Dynamo performance with a custom Quincy Quigg 10 year Holy Bowly graphic commissioned by Snowboy’s Krush Kulesza. Catch the vibe with Matteo Soltane, Austen Sweetin, Brandon Reis, Devin Tubbs, William Mathisen and Kai Huggin’s dynamic creative freestyle flow.

Filmed by: Sean Lucey, Tim Stanford and Al Grogan
Edit by: Sean Lucey

Tim Zimmerman Holy Bowly Dynamo Gallery

Categories: #roadtoholybowly, Austen Sweetin, Brandon Reis, Holy Bowly, Matteo Soltane, Quincy Quigg