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Gremlin x Airblaster

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Gnu and Airblaster have always felt like kindred creative wild spirits from neighboring villages. It’s only natural that they hook up on the sly once in a while. This year’s Special Edition “Air Gremlin” is quite a magical trophy. An all over pterodactyl print on magenta that screams of good times and matching ninja suits on Gnu’s Gremlin all terrain powder stash sniffing, mega trench carving, side hit air blasting never say never resort ripper. This board is guaranteed lift your resort shred psychophysical experience to levels achievable only with prehistoric oxygen levels. #staywild in the liftline, on the chair, in the bumps, in the beer garden, and everywhere else you bring this purple miracle wild child.

  • Gnu X Airblaster directional resort dominator
  • Loves hardpack and ice... devours pow
  • Camber, Magne-Traction, sintered, multi purpose

Weird Science

GNU Gremlin Rider ScaleGNU Gremlin Rider Scale
GNU G3 Eco ConstructionGNU G3 Eco Construction
GNU Camber3 Contour TechnologyGNU Camber3 Contour Technology
GNU Magne-Traction TechnologyGNU Magne-Traction Technology

Gremlin x Airblaster Specs

Size (cm) Contact
Length (cm)
Cut (m)
Nose / Tail
Width (cm)
Width (cm)
Min-Max / Set Back
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
(lbs / kg)
148 104 6.8 30.3 / 29.1 25.8 18.5"-23.25" / 2" 47 - 59 / 5.1 cm 6 120+ / 50+
155 108 7.2 31.3 / 30.1 26.4 19.25"-24" / 2" 48.9 - 60.9 / 5.1 cm 6 140+ / 65+
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