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  • Photo Trevor Graves
  • Taken Circa 1996
  • In Fiji
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Jamie Lynn 20 year anniversary logo
  • Photo Tim Zimmerman
  • Taken 2012
  • At Baldface
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He could have left. He could have quit. He could have done some weak ass shit, but he doesn't know how.

It's been over 20 years and,

he has done it all.

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More than the gloveless fingers, spins off the toes, silhouettes of florescent sirens and dirt rock DNA, Jamie Lynn's method is his legacy. While every person who has taken flight on a snowboard has aspired to throw the perfect method air, Jamie simply grabs between the bindings as if his board were a tool, instinctively extends his trailing leg with purpose and completes this economy of motion with his left arm providing a subtle counterpoint. To the rest of us it is perfect, but to Jamie it is just a method.

- Pat Bridges

  • Photo Trevor Graves
  • Taken 1997
  • At Mt. Baker
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Jamie's style can be compared to true confidence. Confidence is silent. He lets the art of his actions speak for him.

No words required.

- Trevor Graves

  • Photo Trevor Graves
  • Taken 1995
  • In Greece
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I like Jamie's constant pursuit of creative freedom, his style and his raw passion for things he is into is a true inspiration to me. And that he still sends it like 1993 was yesterday, makes it so much fun to shred with him.

With or without gloves.

- Terje Håkonsen

  • Photo Chris Brunkhart
  • Taken Circa 1995
  • In Washington / Utah
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His style is what influenced me to want to pursue what I did in life, and my life has changed significantly because of it.

- Mark Landvik

  • Photo Scott Needham - snp5000.com
  • Taken Circa 1998
  • At Bear Mountain
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He takes everything to the edge and then past it; snowboarding, surfing, skating, artwork, and guitar is no exception. Apparently we love the same music, so Tittyfish is a no brainer. I'm inspired and honored to be making music with him.

He is a true brother, Temple too... total bad asses, I'm just happier when they are around.

- Wes Makepeace

  • Photo Tim Zimmerman
  • Taken 2013
  • In Japan
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He weaves his creativity through all that he does, inspiring men, women, and children to take life by the rattail and live fast and loose.

- Barrett Christy

  • Photo E-Stone
  • Taken 2014
  • At Holy Bowly
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Jamie's ability to express his creativity is as evident in his art as it is in his riding.

When I think of Jamie, it's a colorful, powerful image of a positive spirit; his inspiration is inexhaustible.

- Bryan Iguchi

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