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Brandon Reis

Home Mountain: New Hampshire

Sponsors: BMBW, Easternboarder, Celtek, Think Thank

East Coast powerhouse of freestyle fun.

Brandon Reis got his start at New Hampshire’s Crotched Mountain cutting his teeth on icy kickers and down bars that quickly lead him in to the competitive snowboard circuit. He and cohort Sam Hulbert were known as a one two slope style / rail jam punch. With rolled up blue pants, Crow Bars and an unhealthy amount of tricks on lock Sam and Brandon terrorized the tour for half a decade. Reis eventually hooked up with the Think Thank crew and started pushing his snowboarding to all new and creative heights filming five consecutive video parts. Brandon is a high energy hilarious spaz who’s always the most stoked dude on the scene and down to help out the rest of the crew no matter what. A boarder through and through Reis will try anything to get the crew hyped and 9/10 times he’ll land it.

A short interview with Mr. Brandon Reis. Follow @reis_the_beast on Instagram for way more!

How many backflips have you done in your life?
Jeez thinking about it, so many! I do at least 1-5 every time I get to board so multiply that by how ever many days I board a year and damn that’s a lot. Probably around 6500 give or take 1000.

Why should people follow @monareisa on instagram?
Well I’m not sure people should, but if your down then do it, things can get a little weird on paper.

Why should they unfollow @monareisa?
Because your friends/family/gf, bfs will ask what the fuck you’re looking at.

When was your last moon landing?
Well if it counts I try to moon land my fiancé every night haha, she gets a kick out of it… or an ass.

What board do you take to Crotchet Mountain for a day of ripping with the boys?
I normally take my 151 box scratcher because I’m going to be riding cutty side trails, hitting rocks, and just riding rails and stuff. But if I’m going for first chair, I ride a fresh 156 skate banana sharp as hell edges and rip turns on plutos or hit the morning groomed jumps.

What trick get’s you a letter in SKATE?
Front fricken shove every time! Any heelflip combo above a standard heelflip. Oh and the god damn HARDFLIP!

Who are your favorite EAST COAST POWERHOUSES?
Well when they were all doing it still and all lived there years back. Mine are Ted Lavoie, Chris Carr, Chas Guldemond and fam, Pat Moore, Tanner Pendleton, Sam Hulbert, Cody Delano, Bill Enos, Greg Maxwell, Tyler Davis, all the homies who ride loon, Waterville Valley, Granite Gorge, and Crotched Mtn.

Which of your Think Thank part are you most stoked on?
Almanac has some of my favorite things I ever did in it, I wish I was doing them right now. Some good ideas that worked, that always feels good.

Other sponsors? Who cares right, Lib Tech!
Hahah Libtech all day baby, best dudes, they’re down for me, I’m down for them!

Bent Metal I really can’t believe I’m on the list with those dudes, unreal!

Rep till I die, they’ve always had my back.

Hands never cold! Thanks boys.

Think Thank,
That’s me, thanks for letting me be me on my snowboard.