Ryan Carlson’s High Performance Lib Tech Ringer Now Available in 5’10” & 6’ Sizes!

Huntington beach based global couch surfer Ryan Carlson has clocked more than his share of beach break days on both coasts of the US and loves the North Shore’s performance reef waves. Carlson teamed up with revolutionary freethinking Lib shapers Mike Olson and Jeff Henderson to develop the ultimate high performance surfboard. Their focus was to design a “one board quiver” that would maximize speed and performance in average conditions allowing powerful carves, big airs in underpowered waves and still rip uncompromisingly on the best beach break or reef days you wait or travel for.

Ryan Carlson with his Ringer Surfboard

“The Ringer” mixes a pulled in performance nose with a wide acceleration platform blended into a double winged swallow tail that offers control and precision in all conditions. A mild single to double concave bottom with a flat exit offers speed and adds a positive, loose feel. The skate inspired concave deck insures a comfortable paddle and locked in front foot traction. Carlson at six four is a big guy who surfs aggressively, traditionally a chronic board breaker… Lib Tech’s rugged Eco Iso construction has been a game changer for Ryan. “I used to go through a board or two a week. It was a nightmare, shapers hated me. My Libs last forever and Olson loves me. So stoked”. Initially introduced as a 6’2” the Ringer is now available in smaller 5’10” and 6’ sizes opening up this magical performance shape to more average sized surfers.

“Carlson is the perfect durability tester for us…a huge guy with cat like coordination who loves airs power gouges and big barrels. If our boards work and hold up for him they will hold up for anybody.” -Mike Olson


“I love his pumping Wedge stories where all the boys show up and one by one the polyester boards snap until finally everyone is standing on the beach watching with the back half of their broken sticks that Carlson calls “boogie boards” and it is just Carlson on his Lib Ringer left in the water.” – Pete Saari

Ringer 3/4

Thirty years in the making Lib Tech’s ECO ISO construction pushes performance, durability, environmental materials and process to new levels. At the heart of the board is Nitrogencell foam that is loaded with nitrogen and has engineered elongated cell structure for maximum compression strength and energy return. Nitrogen cell will not absorb water, is 25% -40% recycled material and we recycle 100% of the offcuts into new foam. Hexzylon Fiberfoam surface skin greatly enhances ding resistance and break strength while adding a silky smooth ride. Basalt fiber chosen for its high strength properties and vibration absorption is placed directly beneath the Hexzylon adding strength and performance. All this is fused using a unique resin matrix that bridges the gap between polyester and epoxy…the best qualities of a new polyester with the lifespan of an epoxy. All Lib Tech’s surfboards come with our Freedom of Choice FOC 5/8” for and aft adjustable fin system; the lightest and toughest fin box system on the market. Fits many two tab systems and some solid base fin brands. Every Lib Tech is hand built by surfers in the USA near Canada at Mervin Manufacturing.

Ringer Tail

“Olson is forward thinking, when we worked on this board together a couple of years ago it was pretty unique on the market… it is fun to see that dimensionally and shape wise the Ringer is right in line with the most exciting progressive performance board on the market.” – Ryan Carlson

Ryan Carlson riding his Lib Tech Ringer Surfboard

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